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EXCLUSIVE: Janine Gutierrez reveals what’s the hardest thing about living alone

Janine Gutierrez talks about her personal projects for 2019.


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3/3/2019 11:35 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Janine Gutierrez reveals what’s the hardest thing about living alone

Photo credit to: @janinegutierrez IG


After gracing the Earth Hour 2019 kick-off event last February 28, Janine Gutierrez said she is looking forward to attending the main switch-off event on March 30, Sunday, along with fellow WWF (World Wildlife Fund) youth ambassador Andre Paras. Apart from her environmental advocacy, Janine said she is also focusing on other personal projects this year. “For the first time I’m really focusing on my own projects such as my YouTube channel and my website. So that’s something that I haven’t really shown to my fans ever. I’ve never been so open and I guess it’s also my way of saying thank you to everyone who’s been there for me from the start who’s been so supportive no matter what,” she shared.

Janine also said she looks forward to creating a supportive community online with her followers. “I just really want to introduce myself and sort of create a community and in a way, share what I can with what I know whatever it may be, with fashion, with beauty, with living independently, with anything. I think it’s just nice to have a community that you can turn to for advice or whatever support,” she said.

After she started living independently in 2016, Lotlot de Leon’s eldest daughter revealed what has been her biggest challenge so far in her home. “Honestly the hardest thing about living alone is flying ipis (laughs). As in yun talaga yung pinaka-challenge ko of living alone. Kapag may malaking ipis tapos ako lang mag-isa, oh my god. As in wish ko nandun yung tatay ko or yung kapatid ko. As in yun talaga. That’s the first thing honestly na talagang oh my god nakakaloka. Pero aside from that there are a lot of challenging things especially cleaning and segregating. I have help sometimes kapag kailangan ko na magpa-general cleaning but on a daily basis it’s just me talaga in my house,” she admitted.

But despite living solo, Janine said she enjoys the freedom of being truly independent. “There’s so much reward in seeing something that you worked hard for, whether it be nagwalis ka or you fixed your bed and I really think that it helps you grow when you feel a sense of responsibility for the space that you’re in,” she added.