Apey, naging emosyonal dahil sa sagot ni Fumiya

During Fumiya's 'Tapatan with Ex-housemates,' Apeya became emotional



3/27/2019 11:06 AM
Apey, naging emosyonal dahil sa sagot ni Fumiya

During the "Tapatan with Ex-housemates," Fumiya was asked who among the ex-housemates he would want to come back to the house. The Japanese housemate chose Apey.

"When Apey left the house, I feel like my puso is butas kaunti. I feel love pero not girlfriend love, understand? Pero when she [left] and then very next day, very shock talaga. Wow Apey is wala. Next day was most hard for me."

After hearing Fumiya's answer, Apey became emotional and teary-eyed.

She also confessed to the ex-housemates that he missed Fumiya when she left the house. "Nong lumabas talaga ako, na-miss ko rin siya," the ex-housemate said.

Fumiya was also asked about Yamyam. He was asked who does he think is better between him and his "spiritual brother," to which he replied, "Yamyam, he is super pure heart. I know his back story about his family."

He added, "Even if I know his story pero he adjusts. His [adjusting] ability, amazing."