EXCLUSIVE: Mica Javier denies secret marriage with Jay-R

The Los Bastardos actress reveals the actual scheduled date for their nuptials.


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3/25/2019 9:16 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mica Javier denies secret marriage with Jay-R

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After getting engaged late last year, Mica Javier and Jay-R finally shared their pre-nuptial photos this month which had their celebrity and non-showbiz followers congratulating the couple, sparking speculations that they had already tied the knot. Mica denied they are already married. “No, we’re not. Those were just pre-nup photos. Not yet. Next year pa eh (laughs). Nauna lang yung pre-nup shoot,” she told PUSH during the iflix original film Mystified’s premiere last March 23. 

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Face to face. No fears.

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Mica attended the red carpet event without an escort. 

“I’m stag tonight. My fiance is in Dubai and I’m here to support Karylle and Iza Calzado. Karylle was so nice. She came to watch my first musical theater show, yung APO musical and I’m returning the favor and I’m here to watch her new movie and I’m so excited,” she shared. 

For their pre-nup shoot in Calatagan, Batangas, Mica revealed the concept was random and spontaneous. 

“Basically the Mango Red team just looked through my Instagram feed to get an idea of my personality and Jay-R’s also. Then we got together and we decided na parang rustic seaside na medyo vibes namin yun eh kasi chill lang kami and we love adventures, we love the beach. So when we got there, we really had no idea of what we were going to do. It was like a four-hour drive and when we just brought dresses and suits and we just mixed and matched with whatever the backdrop was going to be. So it was very spontaneous,” she explained. 


Locked and linked through life. #Jamica

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Even though their wedding is still next year, Mica understands how people can assume they already got married because of how well the photos came out. 

“We didn’t think that hard about it. But we know kasi the aesthetic of Mango Red, they’re very kind of cinematic and editorial so we trusted them with the shots. We didn’t know what was going to happen so when we finally saw the photos, we were very happy about it. It looked like we got married already,” she said.