James Reid shares why he will never travel alone

James Reid reveals who his biggest influence is when it comes to travel.


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3/21/2019 10:52 AM
James Reid shares why he will never travel alone

Growing up in Australia, James Reid said he enjoyed going on outdoor adventures mainly because of the influence of his eldest brother Andrew. “He traveled a lot and one thing he told me was, he doesn’t like how everyone’s always got their cameras out and never enjoying it. But he said he wished he took more photos so he could remember them. So he traveled a lot when he was younger. He’s in the States now,” he shared during his launch as an endorser at the Merrell Let’s Getaway campaign event.

Now that hardly has time to go outdoors, James said it is still important for him to have quick getaways. “There’s so many reasons but for me I couldn’t wait to get out of the concrete jungle into nature’s classroom. You really learn so much out in nature about yourself and I think it’s important for everyone to take time to go out and explore. When I’m out there in the mountains when you’re hiking and exploring, all my problems seem so small. Up that high, the city looks so small. You realize that all these problems are just all in your head so it’s really good. The hikes, the really long ones, they are physically hard but it’s still worth it. Like six hours carrying a backpack and tents that are really heavy. It’s pretty hard (laughs),” he admitted.

Not a solo traveler, James said he enjoys traveling with girlfriend Nadine Lustre and their friends more. “To travel to another country by myself, I’ve only done that once. Well I think it’s more fun when there’s more people. But if I were to be alone by myself it would probably be in Japan. Besides Japan, I love Siargao,” he shared.