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EXCLUSIVE: Eric Tai reveals that wife Rona is now on complete bed rest

Eric Tai and wife Rona are already expecting their first child this month.



3/2/2019 10:04 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Eric Tai reveals that wife Rona is now on complete bed rest

Photo credit: @eruption23 IG

After revealing the gender of their baby last December, Eric Tai said he and wife Rona are excited to meet their new family member very soon. “So right now we are in our last trimester. We are currently 33 weeks. It’s been up and down. It’s been quite the rollercoaster because Rona right now has discovered that she has hypertension which is also part of her family. But I’m trying to tell her not to worry about it and not stress because that could make her feel very, very worried,” he told PUSH in an exclusive interview after hosting the Lee Kum Kee media launch.

Eric shared that he just wants his wife to be completely stress-free at this point in the pregnancy. “She is on complete bed rest so wala na, hindi na siya pumapasok sa trabaho. I told her to just stay home and listen to great things, great music, inspiring gospel videos, just to make her focus on just the baby. Honestly, this is the Lord’s gift to us and I’m sure he’ll do His part as long as we do our part of not being stressed, not working out too much, staying at home. You know social media these days produces stress and depression and everything like that,” he said.

The former It’s Showtime host said he and his wife will never stop being thankful for the opportunity to finally become parents. “Alam mo si Rona, noon she never had confidence that she will ever be with child. She never thought she’d get pregnant so alam namin at the back of our heads that IVF is the chance but siyempre magastos yun eh. It just came to the point that 2018 was such a great year and we were able to save up for this process so we’re very, very blessed. Thank Heavenly Father for this wonderful opportunity. We will do our best to be good parents,” he said.

Due to his wife’s current condition, Eric admitted he had to get creative on how to celebrate their last Valentine’s day before they become full-fledged parents. “Because Rona was bedridden we couldn’t really do anything. We didn’t go out of the house. So what I did was I pretended that I was going to the gym. I didn’t. I went to buy her flowers because I wanted the flowers to be fresh and got her favorite chocolates and then we stayed at home and I surprised her by unboxing a crib for Legend (the name the chose for their baby boy). So she was very, very happy with that because she basically is accepting and she loves the fact that she is going to be a mom,” he added.