‘May saysay pala siya sa work’: #WifeGoals Karylle shows support for Yael Yuzon’s Mobile Legends addiction

Karylle and Yael Yuzon engage in a husband-and-wife Q&A.

‘May saysay pala siya sa work’: #WifeGoals Karylle shows support for Yael Yuzon’s Mobile Legends addiction-PUSH TEAM


03/19/2019 11:16 AM
‘May saysay pala siya sa work’: #WifeGoals Karylle shows support for Yael Yuzon’s Mobile Legends addiction

It's Showtime host Karylle showed full support for her husband Yael Yuzon during the presscon for Sponge Cola's upcoming Sea of Lights concert. 

Karylle, taking the opportunity to know more about why her husband is so into gaming specifically the multiplayer online battle arena Mobile Legends, raised one question after another in the presence of the entertainment press. 

Kicking off the husband-and-wife question and answer portion, Karylle asked Yael: “Since you travel a lot— road trips and plane rides to Canada, how has Mobile Legends helped the bonding of the band?”

“Well, I think kasi in Mobile Legends, we have our own roles. Like si Armo is generally attack and Gosh is a mage. Tapos si Ted switches from being attack or a mage. Tapos ako I’m a marksman,” he answered.

But Karylle, seemingly dissasitisfied with her husband’s answer, then threw a follow-up question: “Does it reflect your roles in real life?” 

To which Yuzon jokingly replied: “And Trix, our road manager, he’s our assassin because that’s how we get work, from an assassin. Ang labo.”

Common among ML (Mobile Legends) players, Karylle asked her husband if he and his band members have called each other vovo at one point while playing the game. “Have you, at any point, called each other ‘vovo’”?

“I don’t know. Have we vovo anyone? Bubu. Secretly, maybe inside,” Yuzon replied.

Karylle assured her husband that it was a just a trick question. She also expressed her admiration for Sponge Cola and their journey as a band.

“That was a trick question. I’m just happy to see how the friendship is real from the days in your cafeteria to the present,” Karylle stated. 

Curious as to whether or not gaming has made an influence in her husband’s music, she asked: “Supposedly, games have beautiful soundtracks. Have any games in the past inspired you in your songwriting?”

“Actually, lumalabas pa rin ngayon ang influence ng Final Fantasy sa akin when it comes to music. Parang may mga certain - specifically Final Fantasy VI - Japan 6/3 in the US. Nobuo Uematsu. Ang maganda dito, he’s the composer ng soundtrack ng Final Fantasy,” he replied, adding that Mario Bros. likewise became an inspiration. 

“I now support your ML a ddiction. May saysay pala siya sa work,” Karylle concluded. 

Meanwhile, Sponge Cola’s Sea of Lights concert is happening on March 29 at the Power Mac Spotlight in Circuit, Makati.