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Heart Evangelista responds to a basher calling her ‘plastic’

This is what Heart has to say to the basher who said she wasn't sincere with her actions.



3/17/2019 1:34 PM
Heart Evangelista responds to a basher calling her ‘plastic’

Image credit: iamhearte IG

Heart Evangelista responded to a basher who called her "plastic" when she posted a photo of her campaigning with husband Sen. Chiz Escudero at a wet market in Sorsogon. The basher wrote, "Sobrang ka plastican naman Ms. Heart 'yung palengke scene mo. Di makakatohanan 'yung mga ganun action mo! Ang OA lang... Walang sincerity parang "Gimik lang! (sic)"



Despite the negative comment posted by the netizen, Heart chose to react calmly.

"You may say what you want. I  am only answerable to God. Life is too short my dear (if you only knew the battles we all face and how fast our time here on earth is). Do good and do everything from your heart. At the end of the day I did my part... I served my purpose. Pray before you post," Heart said.

The actress also commented to a netizen's query if she is running for public office. She stressed that she doesn't see herself in politics. "I don't think that's my thing but I love going around our province even before. More so now 'cause I would love to help more given a chance my husband wins as governor. I think it's gonna be fun! I love it there," Heart posted.