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REVIEW: Nadine Lustre shines in her first solo film ‘Ulan’

Romance and mysticism collide in a story that teaches one girl why there's more to life than just finding love.


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3/16/2019 11:19 AM
REVIEW: Nadine Lustre shines in her first solo film ‘Ulan’

Nadine Lustre shines in her first ever solo movie project, Ulan, that a was bit of a risk, considering the movie does not fall under the more popular rom-com or mainstream comedy categories. According to Ulan director Irene Villamor, she aims to show a different take on the romance genre with every project she churns out (like Meet Me in St. Gallen and Sid & Aya) and she does not disappoint with her first original screenplay written over a decade ago.

True to its title, rain more than makes its presence felt, not just serving as different weather settings for a scene (a drizzle, a sudden downpour, and as a typhoon), but moved the story forward and backwards in many ways as an important and vibrant element in lead character's life.

The story focuses on the life of Maya (Nadine Lustre) and how she was raised by her grandmother. Maya grew up with different understandings of the presence of rain, first as a punishment from the gods above, then as a sign of bad luck, until eventually she learns to accept and appreciate its constant presence in her life.

Four men become part of Maya's journey along with the rain. AJ Muhlach, Marco Gumabao, and Carlo Aquino meet Maya at different points in her life to eventually end up teaching her about the realities of love.

Ultimately, Maya learns that while each love is an important part of her growth, true happiness lies within her in the end.