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Enrique Gil, mas nahihiyang makipag-kissing scene ayon kay Liza Soberano

Liza on Enrique: 'Palapit ako, umaatras siya ng umaatras. Nag-away pa kami.'



3/15/2019 11:31 AM
Enrique Gil, mas nahihiyang makipag-kissing scene ayon kay Liza Soberano

Black Sheep's latest offering Alone/Together already grossed Php 370 million worldwide as of Thursday, March 14, 2019. The movie had its thanksgiving lunch and its lead stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil expressed their gratitude to those who supported the film. 

"I'm just really grateful for the overwhelming support of our fans and everyone who watched Alone/Together. I always see the feedback online, sobrang natutuwa ako na nagustuhan 'yung movie namin and I am really glad especially na hindi lang siya movie for the sake of just telling a story, di ba? Marami din siyang lessons," she said. 

Liza added, "I guess that’s what I liked most about doing this movie. We were able to use our platform to share things that should be talked about more especially in mainstream movies."

Meanwhile, Enrique shared that he really missed doing a movie and to be able to be back on the big screen with Liza this year, meant a lot for him. 

"It's been 2 years since we did our last film and to do another film with her and to make the whole world happy and to give them a very beautiful story, something more than a love story, something they can take home and really learn learnings in life and that means more for me," he said.

LizQuen also shared their favorite scenes in the film at the thanksgiving lunch. 

According to Liza, she has two favorite scenes in Alone/Together. One particular scene she likes was the one they did in Central Park. While sharing the details about the scene, Liza ended up sharing a trivia about Enrique. 

“My first favorite scene is the one in Central Park. It’s parang a breakup scene for Raf and Tin. It’s my favorite probably because of everything that we had to endure behind the scenes. It was freezing cold. Umulit pa kami nong eksena na 'yun kasi ayaw niya akong i-kiss. Palapit ako, umaatras siya ng umaatras. Nag-away pa kami. Sabi ko, ‘Nafi-feel ko na 'yung eksena, uulit pa tayo!’ Kasi ang totoo, si Quen 'yung nahihiya mag-kissing scene. Siya talaga. Hindi siya ready,” she teased.

Liza also relayed that she likes the scene she did with  Sylvia Sanchez, who played as her mother in the film.

“I always like scenes with my parents. It always has a very special place in my heart,” she said. 

Enrique on his part said that he likes the scene when Liza’s character, Tin, confessed his love for Raf after years of being apart.

Yung ‘Ingat ka’ scene. I wasn’t really expecting the reaction of the people. That’s a very simple scene. It meant a thousand words. Puwedeng ‘Ingat ka, I love you but not now,’ or ‘Ingat ka pero I’m sorry.’ Yung ingat ka na scene na 'yun [is my favorite],” he said.