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Moira dela Torre shares how music has helped her deal with depression

Moira: “As long as I have my seasons, my music will go with me.”



2/9/2019 9:59 AM
Moira dela Torre shares how music has helped her deal with depression

Moira dela Torre has received positive responses in the way she handled those who would bash her or body shame her on social media. She has spoken up about battling depression and handling it. Yet, all that wisdom  and strength didn’t come to her overnight. It came from a journey that was not at all easy. 

When she was younger, she was bullied and the body shaming had her struggling with anorexia. Part of her healing process was journaling, something that she was already doing since age 7. “If you look at my journals when I was growing up, most of them started with: I don’t know what to do anymore. I miss my family. Is this dream really for me? Is this actually possible? I have a crush; does he like me back? Things like that. So my prayers revolved around getting married, having my own family, my career,” she shared in an interview with PUSH.

Later on, her creative outlet evolved into songwriting. “I find my music as an outlet. Music helps me embrace whatever emotion I have. It helps me feel life more,” Moira added.  

When her album “Malaya” came out, it inspired many people and rose to the top of the charts. In a tweet, the singer-songwriter revealed that “Malaya was inspired by a lot of things, but in the end, I got to finish it after acknowledging my depression and claiming the hard times are over and I’m free.”

A lot has been happening in Moira’s life today, and more is yet to come. Her prayers have been answered, though in a manner a bit too fast for comfort. “The past couple of years, it’s been so hard for me to feel my seasons, because everything’s happening too quickly. Everything happened in a span of two years. So while I’m grateful, I also feel like, hey wait, it’s happening too fast,” she commented.

As she faces a new phase in life and head towards more adventures, it is her music that keeps her grounded. “Music has helped me so much in coping with my season. It helps with feeling my season, even if it’s happening too fast. I know that I’m only going to get wiser, stronger… and so will my music. As long as I’m living, as long as I have my seasons, as long as I have emotions, my music will go with me.”