Lea Salonga pays tribute to her mom Ligaya



2/6/2019 9:15 AM
Lea Salonga pays tribute to her mom Ligaya

Photo credit: @msleasalongao on IG

According to Lea Salonga, you don’t always have to wait for their birthdays in order to honor your loved ones. She did this with a throwback photo of her always supportive mother Ligaya who is now 81 years old. The proud daughter proudly shared her mom’s best attributes and it’s easy to where Lea inherited her strength and wisdom from.


She wrote:
“Here’s to the indefatigable and indomitable woman I am proud to call my mother. She’s now 81 years young, still fiercely taking care of those she loves. She has more energy than most folks half her age and she is not slowing down. No, it’s not her birthday (that’s not until August), but it’s never a bad idea to pay tribute to someone like her. Love you, Mom! (This photo was taken c. 1980.)”



The lady in the middle is very proud.

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