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Moira: Sequel to ‘Malaya’ to be released this year

Moira dela Torre: “Kung ‘yung 'Malaya' ‘yung nagle-let go ka, ‘yung “Braver” ‘yung papanindigan mo.”

Ann Manhit


02/05/2019 09:19 AM
Moira: Sequel to ‘Malaya’ to be released this year

In 2018, Moira dela Torre topped the charts as the Spotify’s #1 most streamed artist in the country. Her album “Malaya” was also the most streamed album on Spotify Philippines last year, and her fans would be pleased to note that a sequel is already in the works. 

“I’ve finished writing all of it and it’s ready for the recording process, so you can expect it in the next few months,” Moira shared. “Medyo may hugot pa din siya, konting-konti.”

The “millenials” is a demographic that is noted as a high consumer of today’s music. ”I like that they’re very honest,” Moira observed.  “I like it and I hate it sometimes, but it’s something that really drives you and stirs you to be as genuine as you can. In this generation, there’s no room for inauthentic things. I love that this generation is very sensitive to that. Because of that they’ve become more appreciative of the music that’s been coming out.” 

“Braver”, the sequel to “Malaya” is set to come out this year, and Moira gave a backgrounder on what to expect. 

“At times, we say we’re going to do something and we take the first step, then we go around and do the same exact thing that hurt us in the first place. It becomes self-inflicted pain and you’re just going around in circles,” she explained.

“This “Braver” album is about going there, and just keeping on going further. It’s stopping complaining about why you’re still here, because really, it’s your decisions that keep you there. It’s about going together, knowing that you’re not alone, and going with the people who actually matter to you,“ she added. 

“If “Malaya” was about feeling hopeful, letting go of your past, and just finally accepting that it’s okay to feel the pain, the “Braver” album is more tribal,” she shared. “Kung ‘yung “Malaya” ‘yung nagle-let go ka, ‘yung “Braver” ‘yung papanindigan mo. “