Neri Naig takes up vlogging

Neri Naig is one of the celebrities who are now vloggers.

Neri Naig takes up vlogging-PUSH TEAM


02/26/2019 10:45 AM
Neri Naig takes up vlogging
Screenshot from Neri Miranda YouTube Channel

Neri Naig shared with her online followers that she has finally ventured into vlogging and in her first video, she showed what her daily life was and gave a tour of her business establishments.

So far, Neri Naig, who is a mom to son Miguel Miranda and wife to Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda, has put up a bakery, café/events place, ukayan to name a few.

Neri often uses the phrase “Wais na Misis” to describe her “madiskarte” ways and determination to save up for her family. In a separate post, Chito shared that when he first met the former actress, she did not have any savings. She gradually learned how to put up a business and save some money.

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