WATCH: Kim Chiu shows off her ‘new’ room

Kim Chiu’s room was recently renovated.



2/23/2019 10:32 AM
WATCH: Kim Chiu shows off her ‘new’ room

Screenshots from Kim Chiu PH Youtube channel

In Kim Chiu’s latest vlog, she happily gave netizens a tour of her room which was recently renovated. In the clip, a lot of fun facts about her and her room were shared.

Kim’s new neutral-colored room follows feng shui rules and has a comfortable sofa, bed with a headboard, TV, walk-in closet, dresser, and bathroom.

The actress-TV host also shared that she used to sleep on a sofa bed for five years until she decided that she deserves a proper resting area in her house so she redesigned her room.

Kim also said that she rewards herself with one luxury bag sometimes so she has collected a number of them over 12 years.