Kris Aquino lawyers to file motion for reconsideration

Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Law Firm immediately issued a statement after Kris Aquino's case of qualified theft against Nicko Falcis was dismissed by the court.


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2/22/2019 9:23 PM
Kris Aquino lawyers to file motion for reconsideration

Kaagad na nag-isyu ng press statement ang mga abogado ni Kris Aquino  tungkol sa pagkaka-dismiss ng kasong qualified theft na isinampa niya laban sa dating business manager and partner na si Nicko Falcis.

Nitong Biyernes, Feb. 22,  ay ibinasura ng Makati Prosecutor’s Office ang naturang kaso dahil ito raw ay “no sufficient evidence.”  

Ito ang nilalaman ng press statement mula sa Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Law Firm:

“Today, we were told that the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the complaint of Ms. Kris Aquino on        qualified theft and violation of Republic Act No 8484 against Nicko Falcis.

“We have yet to determine the basis for this information and how news sites, especially, were able to get a copy of the resolution ahead of most everyone including Ms. Aquino’s lawyers, despite consistent follow up queries with the assigned investigating prosecutor just today.

“We are filing a motion for reconsideration of that resolution as soon as we receive our copy. However, we find this resolution irregular and legally flawed on the following grounds:

“1. The credit card in question was clearly owned by KCA Productions, not respondent Mr. Nicko Falcis as it was plainly embossed on the card. Mr. Falcis’ name was simply put there to show he was authorized to use it for Ms. Aquino, but not for his personal transactions.

“2.  Mr. Falcis even admitted in his messages to Ms. Aquino that what he did in using the card for professional transactions was wrong. He also tried to pay part of it by using his own check to  cover the cost of is personal purchases. His admissions to wrongdoing were all submitted in evidence to the prosecutor who may have glossed over those.

“3. Mr Falcis did not even appear and did not file any counter-affidavit to refute the charges against him. His alleged defenses in his “verified omnibus motion” should not have even been considered by the city prosecutor.

“4. His defenses are only his own allegations, the truth of which should be proved during trial. The task of the prosecutor is to determine whether or nt there is probable cause to charge him of these offenses. This case is only one of the many cases filed by Ms. Aquino against Mr. Falcis, all of which are pending resolution before several jurisdictions. This resolution from the Makati prosecutor is not final and we will ensure that justice is  served for Ms. Aquino.”