Why did Liza Soberano say she ‘lost her baby brother a long time ago’?

Why did Liza Soberano say she ‘lost her baby brother a long time ago’?-PUSH TEAM


02/16/2019 07:52 PM
Why did Liza Soberano say she ‘lost her baby brother a long time ago’?
Photo credit: @liza on IG (R)

Liza Soberano opened up about her brother Justin who is now a father at a young age. In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, the actress confessed that she became emotional when she first learned that her brother will already have a child.

"When I found out I was shocked, I cried. I was like oh my gosh what we are going to do now?," she said.

Liza stressed, however, that she did not get angry at her brother. "I didn't get mad at him. I got mad at the situation. I guess I was able to let it simmer down. I talked to him. We had a heart to heart talk. [I said], 'Now that you are going to be a dad, you have to become more mature because it takes a different kind of maturity to become a father and I mean dahil may anak na siya parang instantly  kailangan na niyang maging mature agad. He has to think other things aside from himself," she said.

The Alone/Together star also shared that she also became sad upon learning that Justin will become a father. "The reason why I was more sad when I found out is because parang ay mawawala na 'yung baby brother ko sa akin. He is going to become a dad and I am going to lose my baby," she said.

When asked about the state of her relationship with her brother. She said, "We're good. We don't see each other as often because he's with his girlfriend right now."

Did she lose her baby brother? "Yeah, a long time ago actually. Even before that. Napabakarda siya eh and I don't know sometimes I blame myself for it because I wasn't around anymore because I was working but I wish he would understand that I would do everything for him naman but he kind of he felt like everybody forgot about him that's what he said. He felt like everybody forgot about him when I became an artista. so parang medyo nag-rebelde siya ng kaunti," Liza said.

She added, "I feel even though he doesn't feel like opening up that much but even he doesn't say it, I know that's how he feels because he doesn't listen to anything that I say anymore."