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  • Photo credit: @jodistamaria on Instagram

Photo credit: @jodistamaria on Instagram

Jodi Sta. Maria has been enjoying her time in South Africa.



02/15/2019 10:50 AM

After visiting Sweden and Finland about a week ago, Jodi Sta. Maria continued her travels and headed to South Africa where she learned and reflected a lot.



Jodi was able to visit Johannesburg and said, “It felt like I was taking a walk through their history.

“Got to visit different streets and sites like where Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were imprisoned (it’s now a courthouse), the old and present house of Nelson Mandela, and the home of Nobel prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu!” she added.

Jodi also went on a safari adventure and visited the beautiful beaches of Mozambique.

She also visited the only school on an island in Mozambique.

“I visited the only school on the island with 378 pupils and only 8 teachers. Students are taught 10 subjects including English, and for them education is the most important weapon to battle poverty,” she wrote.

“These children gladly posed for the camera and requested more photos of them to be taken. I showed them their pictures and super natuwa sila!” she added.