Liza Diño, muling bumuwelta kay Erik Matti

Muling ipinaliwanag ni Liza Diño ang kanyang saloobin sa kinakaharap na krisis ng pelikulang Pilipino.


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2/15/2019 11:18 AM
Liza Diño, muling bumuwelta kay Erik Matti

Muling binalikan ng Chairperson ng Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) na si Liza Diño ang naging panawagan ng direktor na si Erik Matti tungkol sa tila pagdaan sa krisis ng pelikulang Pilipino.

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Sa Facebook post na ibinahagi ng FDCP Chairperson, inilahad niya ang kanyang naging sagot sa naging sentimiyento ng direktor.

“Actually direk those ‘costly FILIPINO NIGHTS’ you talk of serve as a bridge to introduce our local filmmakers and production companies to international stakeholders so they understand how to find audiences outside the Philippines. These networking events, attached to a Film Market or a Film Festival where there is a spotlight on the Philippines, make it possible for Filipino delegates to find possible contacts for their projects in a setting that gathers them and allows for them to talk to as many new and familiar faces as possible. These events have resulted [in] our filmmakers interfacing with some festival programmers to consider programming their films in their own festivals. Some of our production companies were able to close deals with Netflix and other platforms, and now they're more exposed to making content not just for theatrical purposes but for other platforms,” bahagi ng post ng FDCP chairperson.

Paliwanag pa ng Chairperson, “Times are changing, the landscape is changing and this is what these ‘Filipino Nights’ are about. Actually direk, it's not called Filipino Night. It's PHILIPPINE NIGHT. Every country with the goal to showcase their film industry does it: Korea, France, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, etc. This is not exclusively done by the Philippines. And though these events may seem costly to you, ours are far from such and always conducted on a set budget especially if you compare to the events that these other countries are hosting. We just know how to create an experience for our guests kaya hindi halata ang pagtitipid namin,” sabi pa ni Liza.

“Direk, we are showcasing our delegates to the world. These producers get exposed and create relationships. Isn't this a good thing? We are empowering them to widen their audience and look at other markets esp[ecially] if their film is for a niche audience or doesn't have the normal ‘attachments’ to make the film more commercial. You've done it with Buybust. Why not let more producers see this as a path?” patuloy pa ni Liza.

“Since we started, more and more of our local stakeholders are finding partnerships outside the Philippines because they are humble enough to do the work and understand how it's done. I wish you can find time to attend under our country pavilion because this is open to all Filipino production companies. We give out free badges and provide free use of the pavilion as a form of support from government,” pahayag pa ng FDCP Chairperson.

Sa huli, hiling ni Liza bilang pinuno ng FDCP ang patuloy na suporta ng lahat para sa pag lago pa ng pekikulang Pilipino.

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