Kelsey Merritt gets featured on Harper’s Bazaar

The Filipino-American Victoria’s Secret model spilled the details on her beauty secrets and nighttime skin care routine.


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2/14/2019 12:08 PM
Kelsey Merritt gets featured on Harper’s Bazaar

Photo credit: @kelseymerritt on Instagram/ Screenshot from Harper's BAZAAR YouTube channel

Filipino-American beauty Kelsey Merritt is the latest to get featured on Harper’s Bazaar for their ‘Go To Bed With Me’ YouTube series, where countless Hollywood celebrities — spanning from actors, artists, and models — let viewers in on their beauty secrets and nighttime skin care routine.

“Kelsey Merritt was the first Filipino model to ever walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS),” introduced the lifestyle magazine. “Since then, she’s been jet-setting all over the globe modeling in major campaigns and fashion shows.”

Among the intriguing secrets of the 22-year-old stunner is completely ditching facial cleansers out of her beauty routine. 

“Before, I would usually do a micellar water or a makeup remover and then I would use a cleanser. But, in my experience, I would always break out when I would use a cleanser,” she said.

“There was this one time when I got lazy and I just stopped using a cleanser and then my skin cleared out. I was talking to a dermatologist about this and she was like, ‘It’s actually healthier for your skin’s natural oils to come out.’ ‘Cause if you use a cleanser everyday, it just strips it off of that,” she added. 

In December, just a few weeks after she walked the glittering runway of the VSFS, Kelsey was featured on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets YouTube segment to share a step-by-step guide to her flawless everyday makeup routine — during which she did not shy away from talking about her Filipino roots. 

“It means a lot to me and the people back home because they love Victoria's Secret so much and they’ve always wanted a Philippine model to walk the show. I feel like this is not just like success for me, it's like also success for them,” she said.