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Tony Labrusca gives advice to those who are going through a hard time

This is what the actor has to say to those who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives.



2/12/2019 3:51 PM
Tony Labrusca gives advice to those who are going through a hard time

Screenshot: @tony.labrusca IG TV

Tony Labrusca took to social media to give his advice to those who are feeling down and who are going through a hard time. On his IG TV, the actor posted a 6-minute long video sharing his insights about life and how to overcome challenges along the way. 

“I get a lot of messages in my inbox with people who are going through a hard time, who suffer depression and who constantly message me of not knowing what to do. I feel bad not being able to respond to any of you guys and so I just wanted to make maybe this video to encourage some of you guys out there,” Tony said. 

The actor explained that life sometimes can be hard and that the people you thought would care about you would leave you.  

He stated, “In life, sometimes bad things are gonna happen to you. And  that’s maybe your fault and that’s maybe your doing. It might not be your fault and sometimes that's unfair. Sometimes people are going to talk about you and you're not gonna have a chance to defend yourself. Sometimes in life you're gonna feel you're in a rot and you're gonna feel that there's no way out. Sometimes your friends, your loved ones, people you trusted will turn their back from you. Sometimes you will lose family.” 

Tony said that it is during these times when you need to reflect on your life and your priorities. “When you get in these moments and you feel like there's no way out, you just don’t know how to be positive anymore, I just feel like the way to flip it is sometimes whenever we get caught in these situations, sometimes it’s always the best time to really reflect on our life and reflect on who you are as a person. You get to spend these times really thinking about what it is you want in life and who you wanna be as a person,” he stated. 

He added, “Usually when bad things happen like a lot of people will shun you or will say things about you and a lot of people who said that they would be with you from day one are not gonna follow through and as painful as it sounds, it is in these moments when you realize who is really there for you and who really cares for you and who loves you.” 

Tony then shared his personal experience saying that during the rough times in life, he learned to focus on what are essential. 

“A lot of perceive me a certain way but I’m starting to learn that my values and how I view myself and how people that truly love me, are really what matter in life and when you find peace with that and realized that God will never give you a challenge too much for you to handle, I feel like that's a good baby step and you just keep on taking these small steps everyday until you get stronger,” he remarked.

Watch the full video below:

Video courtesy: Tony Labrusca's IG story