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Nico Bolzico explains why he calls Solenn Heussaff ‘wifezilla’

Nico Bolzico also explains why he came up with the ‘Bullied Husbands Club.’


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2/1/2019 9:42 AM
Nico Bolzico explains why he calls Solenn Heussaff ‘wifezilla’

After joining his wife Solenn Heussaff as the latest celebrity ambassador for a chocolate brand, Nico Bolzico admitted they don’t celebrate Valentine’s day like other couples. “Instead of giving gifts, we do stuff together. Like I’m going to prepare a surprise for her. She doesn’t know it yet,” he told PUSH during the Toblerone #BeMoreImaginative” media launch held last January 30 in Makati City.

Aside from pulling occasional pranks on his wife, Nico has also gained a stronger social media following because of the stories he shares of Solenn with the hashtags #BulliedHusbandsClub and #Wifezilla. The Argentine model and businessman explained what it really means. “I think the whole Bullied Husbands Club and the Wifezilla thing is because it’s actually the opposite. Like when we say we’re the bullied husband club, none of the members is actually bullied. But we actually show massive amount of respect for our wives so the bullied thing is kind of like to make it more fun,” he said.


Today we saw each other again after spending 3 weeks apart, and most important, Christmas and New Year. A lot of people asked us why. The truth is that we are so sure we will spend the rest of our lives together, that be apart for three weeks is nothing. My family is in Argentina (that is also Solenn’s family now) and one condition to move away from home is that I spend Christmas there every year. Solenn normally spends Christmas with her family (that is also my family) and then she meets me in Argentina. This year, because of her career she had to stay and that is ok. We give each other space and we miss each other so much, that is why we enjoy our time together even more, and all that is based on hard rock-solid petrified marble stone wolverine claws back silver strength trust relationship! So, some advice from #ELBolzico: • Don’t be afraid to give each other space or to miss each other; • Let her follow their careers • Let her go out with friends; • We don’t have to be part of everything she does; • Be always supportive and proud of what she does! Don’t try to cut their wings, let them fly (also because otherwise they will probably cut your bolz). I have no credentials to give any of those advices, but this is my IG and I post whatever I want, always pre-approved but my wife, but whatever I want that is in line with her! #NoWingsNoBolz #BulliedHusbandsClub #PostApprovedByWifezilla #IsPocholaTheCutestCreatureOnEarth? 📷: @allen__life

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The Toblerone endorser was quick to clarify that Solenn is actually the farthest thing from being a wifezilla. “The wifezilla thing is actually the opposite. She’s so nice and tame. Except for some particular cases that she becomes a wifezilla. But it’s kind of the opposite. It’s just all good fun. I am a bit clingy. Just a bit. And she cooks for me a lot. She’s very hands on with everything she does. She’s very amazing," he said.


#SosBolzProducciones accepted to do Episode 2 of #MagicBolz! In this episode, we were supposed to show you how to fill up 6 glasses at once but ... Before anything I would like to explain what happened, I did this before and for the water to fill up the glasses at the bottom all the glases should be properly aligned, I tried twice to align them but the second time was too much! This explanation is intended for @solenn coz she havent allowed me to explain and because she thinks I did it on purpose! I wanted to retake it but because of lack of budget and the mood of one of the main shareholder of #SosBolzProducciones (#Wifezilla) we weren't able to do it, and also we want to take the opportunity to announce that #MagicBolz show will be canceled for an indefinite time and #SosBolzProducciones might close down! #BolzMustGoOn #IKnowItIsNotThursdayButTheJokeWasGood #TBTOnASaturday

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