Derek Ramsay talks about his college life in the US

Derek Ramsay admits he has said goodbye to his partying days.


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2/1/2019 9:50 AM
Derek Ramsay talks about his college life in the US

As one of the most athletic celebrities in the country, Derek Ramsey said he does loves to keep fit even though he admits his weakness is snacking on donuts. “I’ll eat five (donuts) in one sitting. I lead an active lifestyle so I burn it. It’s really good. I still lead an active lifestyle so I’m very happy with the discipline that I have through the years. My diet is a see food diet. When I see food, I eat (laughs),” he shared during the recent Dunkin Donuts media conference. 

In his latest commercial with fellow endorsers Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes, the guys go to a different kind of bar that serves the popular snack. In real life, Derek said he does not go bar hopping anymore. “I don’t even know what the ‘it’ bar is right now. I don’t even remember the last time I went out. I don’t know. I just didn’t have the mood to go do that anymore. I became responsible. I’m not saying people who go out to bars are irresponsible. It just wasn’t for me anymore. Siguro (the last time I went) was ten years ago maybe? I don’t go out anymore,” he revealed.

When he was still in school, Derek said he loves snacking even late at night. “When I was in the States studying college, it was like my savior. Studying abroad on a tight budget I found out that if I go down to the Dunkin Donuts store at 11:30 pm going to midnight they get rid of whatever is left of the donuts.  So me and my Filipino friends we’re like, ‘Let’s go down there and ask for the donuts!’ So we’d all go down there, we befriended the manager and every night we were to study. We’d buy the coffee and then we’d get the free donuts (laughs),” he shared.

The popular endorser said he already has an idea for a donut named after him. “Everyone’s favorite is Choco Butternut but my favorite is Boston Creme and I also love Strawberry Filled. When I was a little boy that’s what my dad used to bring home always. During one commercial (shoot) they surprised me by making a combination of my favorite donuts. And they made it the D donut for Derek which was a crossbreed between Boston Creme and Strawberry Filled. I think they should sell that actually (laughs),” he added