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Liza Soberano on putting up a wellness spa: ‘I’m passionate about it’

Hope Wellness Spa owner Liza Soberano opens her second branch in the south this month.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


12/09/2019 10:04 AM
Liza Soberano on putting up a wellness spa: ‘I’m passionate about it’

During the grand opening of the second branch of her Hope Wellness Spa in Alabang last December 8, Liza Soberano said she could not see herself starting any other business than one focusing on wellness. 

“The reason why I put up a wellness spa is because I’m very passionate about spas because of course I’ve been working since I was 12 and parang pinaka-“me” time ko is whenever I go to the spa or when I go to Belo so I’ve always been the type of person who loves getting treated. And so I think it was easier for me to put up this kind of business because I’m passionate about it and I really love it and it’s something that I personally enjoy,” she shared.

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Liza revealed that the new branch is more spacious and offers a wider range of services for her loyal clients.

“The one in Quezon City is exclusive to hand and foot services because the space is a bit smaller when we came up with it. Also we wanted to focus on that because those are the most tired parts of the body. As you notice, we’re walking all day, we’re always using our hands when we talk and when we carry things.

"So we wanted to focus on relieving the stress on our hands and feet. We have a lot of clients that religiously go to Hope Hand and Foot Wellness in Quezon City. And binabalik-balikan talaga nila. They really like our services.

"For me it’s touching because they would travel two and a half to three hours in traffic just to go to Quezon City to relax for a bit and then go through the stress again to go home. So I was lik,” she explained.

Even with her busy schedule, Liza admitted she wants to be very hands-on with her business and that even includes envisioning the interiors.

“So my inspiration for this, I usually get it off Pinterest. Because I’m very into interior design so sometimes before I go to sleep I just scroll through Pinterest and look at different interiors and it always inspires me so I take different things that I like from pictures that I see and I like to incorporate them into one thing that I think I can identify as something that I would say is me.

"So that’s what we brought here to Hope Wellness. I would ask my partners as well on what they think is aesthetically pleasing and a lot of friends and Tito Ogie (Diaz) so it’s a mix of everything from the people I love,” she stated.

The Make it With You star also revealed by she chose Westgate Alabang as the best venue for the spa.

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"It’s because I’m always here in the south when I visit Quen (Enrique Gil). I actually like to eat here because there’s a lot of nice restaurants din naman. The vibe here in the south is very chill, very relaxing and that’s what Hope Wellness is all about, it’s very relaxing. So Westgate is the perfect venue for it so that’s why we chose to open up here in Alabang before any other place,” she added.