Alex Gonzaga releases music video for new song ‘AMFEE’

Alex Gonzaga’s ‘AMFEE’ music video is already a trending video on YouTube.



12/8/2019 1:26 PM
Alex Gonzaga releases music video for new song ‘AMFEE’

Following her viral songs “Chambe” and “Tipints”, Alex Gonzaga released another music video for a new song called “AMFEE.”

Composed by Alex and Star Music’s Jonathan Manalo, the song roasts the people who are boastful and arrogant. 

“#AMFEE is OUT!!!! Tag nyo na lahat ng mga nagfifeeling na kakilala nyo! kanta natin to!!” Alex posted on social media. 

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Netizens were very amused by the music video. 

“I don’t know if this is a music video or a WHOLE MEME COMPILATION OF 2019,” one netizen posted. 

“Showing this year’s trends and throwing shades for 3 mins and 16 secs  in true AG style,” another netizen posted. 

“AMFEE” also features viral kid Majo Lingat a.k.a. “You Do Note Girl,” Gretchen Diez, and trending interviewees of Raffy Tulfo in Action. 

The song has already amassed more than 400k views as of this writing and became a trending video on YouTube.