Morissette Amon pens a sweet birthday greeting for beau Dave Lamar

Morissette Amon shares a sweet message for her boyfriend.



12/22/2019 11:35 AM
Morissette Amon pens a sweet birthday greeting for beau Dave Lamar

Singer Morissette Amon surprised her boyfriend Dave Lamar with her sweet birthday greeting that she posted on Instagram.

Morissette first shared a photo of Dave when he was younger and said, “I’d love to keep you forever.”



cutiepatootie birthday boy @davejlamar. I’d love to keep you forever 😍😍😍 1/3

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Dave was surprised and said, “Where did you get this??? I don’t even have this photo! Haha and I’d love that, too!

In her second post, she shared photos of him during their visit to her hometown Cebu and Dave’s performances onstage.

She described him as her “love and light” and poured out her emotions in a long message.

“My favorite human, my best friend. Thank you for being that someone I can always trust, ever since, including my heart, and vice versa. You’ve been through so much, yet you remain strong in your faith and I couldn’t be prouder to have witnessed your journey. I pray that God continues to bless you in this new chapter of your life, claiming favor and fruition of your goals and dreams. I appreciate and adore you! the songs are so much sweeter and I smile brighter because of YOU,” she wrote.



Morissette’s last post in celebration with Dave’s photos were throwback photos from their travels together.

“Love you honest and sweet, love is you staring back at me,” Dave said.