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Liza Soberano shares her family’s favorite Christmas tradition

‘Make it With You’ star Liza Soberano shares what she looks forward to doing in the States come December 25.


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12/22/2019 10:26 AM
Liza Soberano shares her family’s favorite Christmas tradition

Before she starts getting busy promoting her much-awaited series Make it With You early next year, Liza Soberano said she is already excited to fly back to the States to celebrate the holidays with her family and reel-and-real life leading man Enrique Gil. The couple plan to spend Christmas with Liza’s family in California before heading to Hawaii to catch up with Quen’s family for New Year.

Every Christmas time, Liza said that her family enjoys celebrating their own traditions at home. “When I’m in the States we always wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Here kasi in the Philippines we celebrate it on the 24th di ba parang salubong? Pero sa States it’s really celebrated on the 25th so one tradition we do is that on the 24th Christmas eve we open one present each and then we save all the rest of the presents for the morning of the 25th and it’s really fun,” she said.

Aside from dressing up with her family, Liza said that she also wants to be part of the action going on in their kitchen during the holidays as well. “I like to help out and help cook. I usually make the dessert kasi when I was younger. But now I’m able to cook so I don’t know what we’re going to be making this Christmas but I’m excited for that!” she said.

Liza also revealed what her gift giving plans are for Quen this year. “He’s going to be with me so I can give it to him on Christmas day. But I usually have multiple gifts. There’s one main gift and then there’s a lot of stuffing stuffers, mini-gifts that I find fun and quirky that I like to give people,” she shared.