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SB19 opens up about almost splitting up in the past in ‘The Korea Times’ feature

K-Pop inspired group SB19 has been featured in The Korea Times.



12/19/2019 02:47 PM
SB19 opens up about almost splitting up in the past in ‘The Korea Times’ feature
Photo credit: @officialsb19 IG

SB19 continues to go up as the Pinoy Pop group has been featured in South Korea’s oldest daily English language newspaper, The Korea Times. 

Composed of Josh, Sejun, Stell, Ken, and Justin, SB19 has become one of the most popular up-and-coming artists this 2019. 

Indeed, the boys have come a long way since officially getting launched back in 2018. But did you know that it came to a point when the boys almost decided to quit and go their separate ways? 

“There came this point when we almost gave up, we almost separated. And then we talked like maybe this is going to be our last shot. We talked to each other. Let’s get everything here. Let’s pour our everything here,” Sejun shared. 

He added: “So we decided to make a song about the story of SB19. It’s about reaching your dreams and your hardships - that no matter what happens, like if you set your heart and mind into something that you really want to do in life, you’ll be able to achieve it, you’ll be successful, and in time everything will happen.”

When asked what made them think about giving up on their dreams, Josh, dubbed as the most charismatic member of the group, shares how hard it is for performers in the country to earn money for a living. 

“What we’re trying to do here is a new thing here. Anyone here in the Philippines actually [knows] that performing is not a practical way of living,” Josh said. 

He went on: “Other trainings we had before we couldn’t handle, they couldn’t handle the stress, they couldn’t handle everything - especially physically. You would be exhausted in training as well. We are not sure about this path.”

Then again, they still gave it a shot and continued to reach for their dreams. 

“It’s like we have this saying in the Philippines - ‘suntok sa buwan’ It’s like a way of trying to reach your dreams. So we just tried our best, we just tried our luck, and we just believed in ourselves,” Josh concluded.  

Asked if they think they have already reached their goals as a group, Josh answered: “We are starting. We’re still far from our dreams. But we are slowly getting there.”

Meanwhile, SB19’s leader, Sejun, said the group is looking forward to performing on the international stage in the future. 

“If we are given opportunity to act roles, we would love to do that. But for now, we’re focused on promoting our music all over the Philippines. And hopefully, if we’re given the chance to perform internationally or globally, we’d be honored,” Sejun said. 

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SB19, managed by ShowBT Philippines, was officially launched to the public this 2019 through a massive press conference.