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The Perkins twins star with Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin in their first movie ‘Kaibigan’

Jesse and Christian Perkins launch their first international movie with the popular American actor.


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12/1/2019 11:25 AM
The Perkins twins star with Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin in their first movie ‘Kaibigan’

Photo credit: @jessetperkins on Instagram

All set to launch their first movie Kaibigan on December 4, twins Jesse and Christian Perkins shared their experience working with Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin who flew to the Philippines earlier this year just to shoot the film.

Christian said he was lucky to be cast as Stephen’s son in the project. "It was amazing having a Hollywood actor come here to shoot a Filipino film for ten days. It was amazing talaga. He was my father in the movie so I had the blessing and privilege to work with him. He’s super professional pero he’s also super mabait. He came here kasi he loves the Philippines. I guess that showed onscreen and it was really just a great experience working with him kasi siyempre he’s a famous Hollywood figure. I guess we’re just blessed that he came here to support the movie and support the cause and give his great acting to us," he shared.

Christian, who is younger than his fraternal twin Jesse by just a few minutes, admitted he was inspired by the American actor's presence on the set. "He always gave us advice when we were on set not just about acting but life in general. He’s an inspirational guy talaga. I guess he told us to just keep doing what we’re doing and keep on the right track. That’s cool because that’s also what we’re trying to tell people. Our vision aligned," he said.

Jesse said it was fate that Stephen's work schedule aligned with the film and they are thankful he chose to be part of their debut film. "We were able to spend a lot of time with him. He would be with us sa kotse, ganun. And he's the father-in-law of Justin Bieber which is so cool too so talagang it was a very exciting thing that he was able to come out here and shoot his scenes which is so cool. So he gave us a lot of nice stories about Hollywood and about acting. It was awesome. But aside from Stephen we also had the opportunity to work with amazing local actors like Tirso Cruz III, Cesar Montano, and Jean Garcia who are all part of this film," he explained.

The twins said that Stephen will be flying back to Manila in time for the Kaibigan premiere night happening this week. "Yes he will be here on the premiere on December 3. We’ll be there and he’ll be there. It’s going to be fun. We’re just super grateful and humbled that a lot of people have been supporting us and it’s just an amazing opportunity kasi that so many people are coming together to help the country and help the young people. It’s a great opportunity," Jesse shared.