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Julie Anne San Jose recalls fangirling over Sarah Geronimo at their church

Apart from being a certified Popster, Julie Anne San Jose is also a huge fan of Lea Salonga.



12/01/2019 11:49 AM
Julie Anne San Jose recalls fangirling over Sarah Geronimo at their church
Photo credit: @sgpopstar and @myjaps on Instagram

Since she decided to move to Universal Records in 2017, Julie Anne San Jose was able to collaborate with a lot of different artists she never knew she’d be able to work with. 

As a matter of fact, she recently had the opportunity to work with the likes of Moira Dela Torre, Ben&Ben, December Avenue, I Belong To The Zoo, and of course, the legendary Jose Mari Chan for a new version of “A Perfect Christmas” for Spotify. 

“Si Moira ilang beses na kaming nagka-work. Actually, December Ave nagka-work na rin kami. Ben&Ben, nakikita ko sila nag-guesting. I haven’t really like met them personally. Si Moira, she’s a friend. Pero wala kaming like encounter sa recording eh. Kasi parang isa-isa kami nag-recording time. May sarili-sariling schedule, ata sila,” she told PUSH in an exclusive interview. 

But Julie Anne San Jose’s dream collaborations come in the form of two OPM icons: Sarah Geronimo and Lea Salonga. 

“I want to work with Sarah G and Lea Salonga,” she said. 

As it turns out, Sarah Geronimo happens to be Julie Anne San Jose’s churchmate.

“I haven’t worked with them pa ever since. Kasi si Sarah before, nakikita ko siya sa Church namin. It’s along Mindanao Avenue. Du’n sa may Church namin,” she shared.

She went on: “Tapos nakikita ko siyang mag-Church. Eh that time kasi choir pa ako. So ngayon nakikita ko siya. Like na-a-amaze ako like every time I see her. Or every time na may event sa Church ganu’n palagi siyang uma-attend. So nakikita ko siya.”

But one of the turning points for her as a fan was when the Popstar Royalty acknowledged her at their church. 

“And then one time, there was one Sunday - like one event sa Church and then she acknowledged me. This was before pa ako pumunta ng Universal Records. I was a kid. I was starting. And nakakatuwa lang,” she said. 

Just like any other fan, the Asia’s Pop Sweetheart also shared that she owns some of The Voice coach’s “tapes.”

“Ever since talaga I’ve been listening to her songs. May tape pa nga niya ako eh,” she said.  

Reaffirming how huge of a Popster she is, she said: “I guess I can say she’s one of the musical influences as well. And she’s really one of the people I look up to ever since.”

Apart from Sarah Geronimo, she’s also a fan of another Kapamilya singer whom she revealed inspired her to pursue theater: Lea Salonga. 

“And Ms. Lea Salonga. She’s just a pro. And I’m always in awe whenever I see her perform, whenever she sings. And then, sobrang crisp lang ng voice niya. Sobrang linis niya kumanta,” 

While she hasn’t been part of actual theater productions in the past, she hopes she gets to be part of one in the future. 

“And parang she’s one of the people who inspired me to like pursue my dreams of going into theater as well. But I haven’t experienced theater pa. Hopefully, someday, if given a chance, if time permits, I really want to try theater as well,” she stated. 

Apart from “A Perfect Christmas,” San Jose revealed she still has other exciting projects coming before the year officially ends. 

“I have a lot of collaborations this year. It’s so exciting. I’m so stoked about it because it’s my first time to be working with these people. Grabe,” she teased.