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  • Donny Pangilinan is set to star in the adaptation of the Wattpad novel He’s Into Her with actress Belle Mariano.

Donny Pangilinan gets a new onscreen partner

Donny Pangilinan is set to star in the adaptation of the Wattpad novel He’s Into Her with actress Belle Mariano.

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11/07/2019 02:35 PM
Donny Pangilinan gets a new onscreen partner

Donny Pangilinan has found a new onscreen partner in former child actress-turned-teen star Belle Mariano. 

Pangilinan and Mariano are set to lead the cast of the coming-of-age series He’s Into Her based on the Wattpad novel of the same name. 

With the book having a huge fan following, the two actors could only hope that they get to deliver a project that could meet the expectations of fans. 

“Siyempre super excited. And at the same time, nervous din po. Kasi po ang daming fans ng book. Gusto ko pong ma-portray ‘yung role ko ng maayos and ma-meet ‘yung expectations nila,” Belle stated. 

Donny, for his part, said: “Super blessed to be part of such an amazing team, an amazing cast. A lot of this, it’s been planned for quite a while. So I’m just so happy that finally, we get to start taping, start shooting. And we get to do our best to justify our roles. Para naman we will give quality work for the fans of the book.”

According to Donny, it was only after the casting process that the two of them are getting paired on the said project.  

“I wouldn’t say it’s a new love team. I would say everyone is new in this series actually. When I went through the screen test, when she went to the audition, wala pang final cast. So even I didn’t know what the final cast would be. But when we found out that we were gonna be casted, that I was gonna be Dave and Belle was gonna be Max. I’m very excited to start working with Belle as well,” she said. 

He added: “We worked as well before in a project pero briefly lang. So now it’s nice that we get to work with each other. And I believe that Max and Belle are the same person. Kayang-kaya niya.”

Belle, for her part, also admitted that she’s just as excited to work with Donny on the said project. 

“I’m super happy to work with him. I’m super excited, looking forward to learn from him as well. And he’s talented,” she said. 

While they aren’t sure about the kind of reception that they will be getting from fans, Donny said he would use whatever criticism he would get as a motivation to portray his character “the best way we can.”

“Of course, that’s part of it. And I think that will be our motivation as well. ‘Cause our primary focus is to bring out this story through this show. And to let the readers … you know they’ve been waiting for this for so long - especially Ate Maxine, the author of the book. That’s our goal right now. Just portray the story in the best way we can. And any criticism, motivation ‘yun para sa amin, 

“Yes, of course. It’s normal naman po. And it’s work naman po. So yeah. Looking forward to it. Super excited,” Belle added. 

The 17-year-old actress, who has been in showbiz since the age of 10, said she feels excited to be part of the coming-of-age iWant original series. 

“Siyempre po hindi po mawawala ‘yung pressure. Pero I’m mostly excited lang po. Excited to start actually. First time working with the author and other cast po. ‘Yun, excited to learn from them." 

Donny, hoping the show would eventually transcend both to those who have read the novel and those who would see it once it comes out, said he will do whatever it takes to portray his character without upsetting fans of the novel. 

“Of course, pressured kasi ang daming fans ng book. That’s the biggest thing that we’re really do our best. I want to tell everyone right now that we will really do whatever it takes to portray the Dave and Max that they envisioned in the novel to this show because we don’t want to upset anyone. And for sure, ourselves as well, we will do whatever it takes. 

Donny Pangilinan will play the role of a feared Basketball Team Captain while Belle Mariano is set to portray the character of a tough Probinsyana. 

Set to be produced under ABS-CBN Films, the series will be released on iWant. 

He’s Into Her is written by Maxine Lat Calibuso. 

Donny was previously paired with former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Kisses Delavin.