EXCLUSIVE: Ex-live in partner ni Jomari Yllana, sigaw ang karapatan ng mga anak

Si Joy Reyes ang ina ng dalawang anak ni Jomari Yllana.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-live in partner ni Jomari Yllana, sigaw ang karapatan ng mga anak-Kiko Escuadro
Kiko Escuadro

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11/27/2019 10:11 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-live in partner ni Jomari Yllana, sigaw ang karapatan ng mga anak
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Mas pinipili ngayon na maging matatag ng non-showbiz partner ni Jomari Yllana na si Joy Reyes.

Kasunod ito nang napabalitang pag-abandona umano ng actor-politician sa kanyang dalawang anak sa ka live in nito na si Joy.

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Ayon kay Joy, sa kabila ng kanyang pinagdaraanang lungkot, pinagkukunan niya ngayon ng lakas ng loob ang kanyang dalawang anak na iniwan sa kanya ni Jomari.

“For the longest time, I've been so emotional about it. I've been crying endlessly. I felt bad for my sons. They are so young and already fatherless. My heart felt it was being crushed non-stop as I think about their father, preferring to be with other women than to be with our little babies,” tugon ni Joy sa ipinadalang mensahe ng PUSH sa kanya sa Facebook.

Ayon pa sa ina ng dalawang anak ng actor-politician, umasa siya sa mga naging pangako sa kanya ni Jomari na tutulong sa pagpapalaki sa kanilang dalawang anak.

“Yes, he did make me resign from work and he promised to take care of me and our family. As I've mentioned, (social media post) we already have an agreement on his financial support for us. The problem is he's not abiding by it and even altering it just to spite me,” aniya pa.

“The problem with him, when he’s doing things that are not fair to us, he just wants me to grin and bear it, which I did for the longest time. I even covered for him,” dagdag pa ni Joy.

Sa kanyang pagbibigay pahayag sa mga panayam, nais lamang din ni Joy na ilahad ang totoong pangyayari sa kanilang naging relasyon ni Jomari at linisin ang kanyang pangalan para sa kanyang dalawang anak.

“I was shocked to realize he is capable of fabricating stories just to make him the victim. So he cheated, he abandoned his family and yet, he is the victim. I'm done with this. I hope he will just let me and my sons have a peaceful life,” saad pa niya.

Sa huli, nagbigay mensahe rin si Joy para kay Jomari na ama ng kanyang mga anak.

“What I was asking for was so simple I was merely asking for the need of the family he left without remorse to be prioritized over the womanizing, the carefree living and the extravagant lifestyle which he is putting first,” aniya.

“It's not uncommon for his support to have lapses and I've been very understanding. Even when we see some lavish activities and stuff that he was posting on social media, his classic cars, sports cars, expensive gadgets and then telling us he doesn't have money, I didn't even complain, but discovering him living large, going out of town and out of the country trips with another woman, while he expects us to endure the scarcity is way beyond tolerable.”

Sa ngayon, dasal at panalangin ni Joy na malagpasan niya ang pinagdaraanan na hamon na ito sa kanya para sa kanyang dalawang anak.