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Lea Salonga reveals why she won’t be attending the SEA Games opening ceremony

The singer shares her message for all Pinoy athletes competing at the 2019 SEA Games.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


11/25/2019 09:04 AM
Lea Salonga reveals why she won’t be attending the SEA Games opening ceremony
Photo credit: @msleasalonga IG

With the 2019 Southeast Asian Games opening ceremony set to happen at the Philippine Arena on November 30, many wonder why Lea Salonga, singer of the official theme song, ‘We Win As One,’ will not be present at the highly anticipated event. 

Lea revealed she has to beg off because of a previous theater commitment abroad. 

“I can’t because Sweeney Todd and all of its murderous mayhem has already contracted me to be in Singapore but because Singapore is a member of the ASEAN, I’m sure that a lot of Singaporeans (will watch) and it’s going to be on TV so for sure I’m going to probably be catching up with it later in the evening after I get home from work,” she said.

When the theme song was originally launched, The Voice PH judge said she is proud to be able to represent the country through song. 

“I guess representing my country, whether or not I even think about it, I just kind of do especially when I perform outside of the Philippines na parang nasa balikat ko pa rin yung bayan ko. Na kahit saan ako magpunta, I represent my countrymen and the artists that also come from this country. So for me I always have to put my best foot forward kasi nga you never know who’s watching and you never know what other people are thinking. Para wherever I am, para laging maganda yung sinasabi tungkol sa Filipino at sa Pilipinas. 

“But when it’s very specific for something like this where I represent the country because the Philippinesis going to be hosting the games, that’s when I really have to be mindful of the representation na every note I sing dapat walang mali, dapat hindi pumapalya, dapat hindi sintunado. Everything has to be in its place because I know that there is a greater impression to be made. And it’s not just Lea Salonga but Lea Salonga from the Philippines singing it. So there’s a difference in the mindset, there’s a difference in execution kahit sa utak ko lang. So there is a whole different mode of thinking that I just kind of launch into when I represent the country. So we all have to make sure that we represent the country well and as best that we can. It’s always an honor to do it. I love the song,” she explained.
Lea also stated that she has nothing but respect and pride for all the Pinoy athletes competing this year. 

“I just have to say that athletes have some of the most difficult jobs just because of how hard their bodies are just pushed and a lot of it is at will and going to the limits of your physical endurance and strength and flexibility, talagang bilib ako sa lahat ng mga athletes so I’m hoping that everyone from this country supports all of them in all of the sports, even in sports na hindi natin masyado kilala. So sana suportahan na lang natin yung mga athletes in every one of their events,” she said.  
The international performer also shared her wish for our country’s representatives at the SEA Games this year. 

“For the future of our athletes I hope that the Philippine Sports Commission keeps an eye out for where we’re doing well and how else we can improve. Everyone in every ASEAN country is going to be watching this because everyone’s going to be rooting for their own athletes. I’m hoping we have a pretty respectable medal haul but even if we don’t, lets host everyone with hospitality and big smiles on our faces and let’s make sure that everybody gets to go home satisfied that the games went well,” she added.