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Heart Evangelista looks back on her two-decade showbiz career in a love letter to herself

Heart Evangelista to herself: “No need for strict planning—just live and love.”



11/23/2019 5:22 PM
Heart Evangelista looks back on her two-decade showbiz career in a love letter to herself

It’s been twenty years since Heart Evangelista was introduced to the public and since then, people have witnessed the challenges she faced throughout her career.

As she marks her 20th anniversary, Heart wrote a love letter for herself that was published on Cosmopolitan.

There, she talked about how her problems felt like never-ending at the time, how she chose love over her career, and how she chose to be just herself.

She began the letter by recounting the struggles she had at 21 years old when she felt like “the world was slowly crumbling down” as she picked her love life over her career.

“It was a bold move, and a lot of people didn’t get you. No brand wanted to renew with you, and some people even went as far saying that you were “done.” It was harsh. There was also that specific instance when you checked your ATM account and realized that you only had enough money in there to keep your savings alive. All your jewelry was confiscated.”

However, during these dark times, Heart said that she was actually happy and content. 

Then, at 25, the actress said that she experienced quarter-life crisis, stuck between the options of returning to her comfort zone or taking a leap of faith.

“You chose to move forward, and you're so glad that you did because you soon realized that while it felt like you already had the best of what life had to offer, there was apparently something bigger and greater waiting for you. You only had to take the risk to see for yourself,” she said. 

Giving a message to herself, Heart said, “I’m proud of you for not being afraid of losing everything to be who you are. I'm proud of you for realizing that you didn't want people to only love you as the characters you play on TV, but as just Heart as well.”

She also mentioned her husband, politican Chiz Escudero, who she described as her best friend and biggest supporter, “You found a man who doesn't hold you back—he supports you and allows you to fly and experience the world. His love for you made you bloom.”

Now 34 years old and “truly happy and content” with life, Heart recounted how she felt growing old with troubles that seem never-ending. It all made sense to her now, she said.

“Most days, it felt like you were drowning in them and that there was no hope to be rescued. But all that was wrong. You love yourself more now, and everything that life hurled at you now makes sense. Life will not let you down, Heart. You can question God and the universe why you had to go through things, but think of it this way: God and the universe let those things happen because something greater was coming. You’ll be fine.”

“You used to have a blueprint of what your life should be. There was a plan that you wanted to follow so badly. But now, you're free to live your life as you please. No need for strict planning—just live and love,” Heart ended her heartwarming letter.