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British duo HONNE share love for Iloilo’s Kansi and Pampanga’s Sisig

HONNE also shared their love for their Pinoy fans, calling them some of the “loveliest people in the world.”



11/23/2019 11:44 AM
British duo HONNE share love for Iloilo’s Kansi and Pampanga’s Sisig

Photo credit: @hellohonne on Instagram

“That’s crazy.”

These were the words of British indie-pop duo HONNE’s James Clutterbuck as he and Andy Hatcher took a trip down memory lane to their first gig in Manila which happened back in 2017 at the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival. 

“I remember that show very well. It’s pretty one of my favorite shows that we’ve done up until that point. You’re probably right. We were smiling quite a lot probably in disbelief ‘cause it was our first show in the Philippines. And everyone was singing,” vocalist Andy said. 

He went on: “But yeah, it’s just got better and better. I think this last week has taken us by surprise quite a lot in a good way, for sure.”



We gots to bring one of these back to the UK. Manila went off last night 🙌 THANK YOU #jeepney

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Having performed back-to-back shows with American duo Joan earlier this November in seven different malls around Metro Manila, the duo, whose hits include “Warm On A Cold Night,” “Day 1,” and “Location Unknown,” are still on cloud nine over the support of their Pinoy fans.  

“And it’s so nice that people are coming still and singing to every word to every song. Yeah it’s very, very cool and great experience,” Andy said.



I wonder if anyone could top this crowd last night 🤯

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“They are some of the loveliest people in the world, for sure. Some of the loudest singers. And some of the most like dedicated to our music, I think. We feel very lucky to be out to come and play here to have come along and sing along to our songs at every show,” James said.

He added: “It’s the best feeling in the world when you’ve written a song and it’s taken you ages to get it right and then you release it and then you can fly so far away and let people sing.”



Halfway through our Manila takeover. It’s been wild! Who’s caught one of the shows?

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The duo, which spent more than a week in Manila alone, also got to try some of the best Pinoy dishes.

Hatcher said, “We tried Adobo. Is that right?”

“It was good actually,” Clutterbuck added, referring to the famous Filipino dish Adobo. 

“And we’ve tried Sisig. I’m not sure which one that was but it was good - the one with the soupy broth thing. Kansi,” Andy stated, revealing that he also loved the Ilonggo nilaga and bulalo fusion Kansi.

But the ultimate winner for both of them? Sisig. 

“I like Sisig because it was a real mixture of things. And I’m not sure what was in it. But I’m not going to find out. I’m just going to enjoy it and taste it. It was good. I like it a lot. We’ve tried it last night and it was very nice,” Hatcher said of the Pinoy dish which originated in Pampanga.

“Tasty,” Clutterbuck added.

Although HONNE wasn’t able to go to some of the country’s best tourist spots to unwind, the duo hopes they get to visit Laguna and Cebu in the near future. 

“We’ll have to make that a plan for next time,” Andy Hatcher said.