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Romnick Sarmenta: ‘Fame is great when it’s there - but it’s temporary’

Romnick Sarmenta shares some pieces of advice for young actors today.



11/18/2019 12:59 PM
Romnick Sarmenta: ‘Fame is great when it’s there - but it’s temporary’

Romnick Sarmenta, who has been in the industry for decades now, shared some pieces of advice to actors in showbiz today. 

In an exclusive interview with PUSH at a media event for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry Write About Love, Sarmenta said his passion and commitment to his craft are two of the things that helped him last in the industry. 

“Your attitude, your discipline, all definitely has a part - it plays a part because people will choose to work with people who are easy to work with. That’s one. Number two, it’s your commitment to your craft - ‘yung passion sa pagtatrabaho mo. Not in the sense that you have to be hardworking. Of course, you have to be hardworking. Pero that’s not the end,” he said. 

According to Sarmenta, he always makes sure that he gets to offer something new to his audience. 

“Hindi ‘yun ‘yung ‘Ah ano masipag ‘to magtrabaho.’ You still have to remember that every chance you get you have to grow as an actor, ‘di ba? Kailangan may bago, kailangan may natutunan ka. Kailangan may takeaway sa eksena mo more or less. It’s your obligation to your audience na madala mo sila.”

Sarmenta, who started in showbiz at the age of five, also noted that one should never drown in fame as it is not permanent.

“Number one is to be sincere - to be who they are. Number two, it’s ‘wag kayong malulunod. Kasi very common a lot of times you would hear if they have a chance to break in really fast tapos sumikat ka agad then after a while maririnig mo may nangyari kasi nalunod, ‘di ba? Fame is great when it’s there. But it’s temporary. It’s never the end,” he stated. 

Although he is thankful for getting paid for his work, he believes it is more important to know that he was able to deliver what’s asked of him to do.

“If you really want to act, if you really love this craft, grow, improve. Tapos have a commitment with it. Commitment in a sense na it’s a service to others. Ako ganun kasi tingin ko. It’s a service to others. If I get paid for it, thank you. But more than that, it’s the knowledge or in knowing na I did my part. Kapag napanood nila, one way or the other, I’ve taken them away from their own personal problems and I’ve let them take that journey with me in that story with me." 

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old actor, who is set to play the role of Miles Ocampo’s dad in Write About Love, shared how it’s like working with the cast of the film. 

“Judging from the staff sa mga reaction sa mga nakunan nilang shots, they’re very happy. And that makes me happy. Kasi para sa akin, kung magaan ang workplace, kapag masaya ang mga tao, then it makes me happy,” he said.