Morissette Amon teaches Ben Adams Bisaya words

Ben Adams learns Bisaya words from his “This is Christmas” collaborator Morissette Amon.



11/14/2019 1:12 PM
Morissette Amon teaches Ben Adams Bisaya words

A1 member Ben Adams recently visited the Philippines to promote his Christmas single titled “This is Christmas,” which was his collaboration project with Pinay singer Morissette Amon.

While he was in the Philippines, Morissette did not miss the chance to teach Ben some Bisaya words, which the Pinay singer is very familiar of because she was born and raised in Cebu.

In a video uploaded by MOR, Morissette taught the A1 member the Bisaya words for “good day,” “make some noise people,” “you are very beautiful,” and “take care,” among others.

Ben enthusiastically spoke the Bisaya terms and impressed Morissette on being a fast-learner.

The video has already gained more than 14,000 views as of this writing.