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Acclaimed South Korean director Jeon Go-woon hopes to do a film in PH

Given a chance, Jeon Go-woon says she’s also open to working with Filipino actors in the future.



11/10/2019 11:09 AM
Acclaimed South Korean director Jeon Go-woon hopes to do a film in PH

Jeon Go-woon, the South Korean filmmaker behind the award-winning masterpiece Microhabitat (A Little Princess), hopes the message of her directorial feature debut would transcend to Filipino audiences as well. 

“Since I don’t know what life in the Philippines is, I think there are scenes that people won’t be able to relate to in the movie because of the fact that it mirrors life in Seoul. It would be a good situation for Filipinos to know the culture in Korea,” she said in an interview at the Opening of the Korean Film Festival 2019.

Go-woon, who frequently attends film festivals in different parts of the globe, reveals that she has already seen a number of Filipino films in the past. 

“Since I attend various film festivals, I’ve already watched a variety of Filipino films. But I have a tendency of not remembering the title of the movies. So I can’t say the specific title of films,” she said.

Given a chance, the acclaimed female director said she would definitely seize the opportunity of doing a film in the Philippines. 

“If there’s an opportunity to film here in the Philippines, I would be very excited to do one here,” she stated. 

Asked if she is open to working with Filipino actors in the future, she said she’d be more than willing to.

Microhabitat tells the story of a girl named Miso who gave up her own place and begins couch surfing the homes of her estranged friends just to go on with her cigarette and whiskey-filled way of life. 

Watch the trailer below:

Also called A Little Princess in South Korea, Microhabitat has already garnered various awards from different award-giving bodies including Busan International Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, and Fantasia International Film Festival, among others. 

The said film opened this year's Korean Film Festival. 

Organized by the Korean Foundation For Cultural Exchange, the Korean Embassy, and the Korean Cultural Center, the Korean Film Festival 2019 ran from November 6 to 9 in various cities across the Philippines including Manila, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Cavite, Olongapo, and Pampanga. 

Celebrating the 70th year of diplomatic relations between Korea and the Philippines, 2019 also marks the Year of Mutual Exchanges between the two countries.