Nadine Lustre admits she is not yet ready to have a baby

Nadine Lustre agrees with her beau James Reid that having a child is not their current priority.



11/1/2019 9:46 PM
Nadine Lustre admits she is not yet ready to have a baby

Photo credit: @nadine on Instagram

Nadine Lustre shared on Tonight with Boy Abunda that just like her beau James Reid, she is also not keen at having babies yet.

“I agree! Nagulat ako Tito Boy kasi well for one, we’re both still young parang wala pa ako sa gano’ng headspace, malayo pa ‘yun matagal na matagal pa ‘yun,” she said.

Nadine then explained why James said in a previous interview with the King of Talk that ‘he’s not sure.’

“Ako din, I agree with him. Ngayon kasi medyo maraming nangyayari sa mundo natin na hindi tayo sure like a lot of stuff is happening. Alam mo na ‘yun Tito Boy,” she said.

Boy then added that, “May mga taong naniniwala na this is not the best time to raise children” and “ang dami rin nangyayari sa inyong buhay dalawa,” to which Nadine agreed.

That’s true that’s why I’m not yet ready kasi marami pa akong gustong gawin, Tito Boy,” she said.

Nadine then shared that they are just like other couples who have different day jobs but at the end of the day, get to ask about how each other's day went. The Multimedia Princess also said that James would make a great father in the future.

“All the things that sinasabi niya sa akin about life in general, I’ve learned so much from him, like so much talaga,” she said.