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Kathryn Bernardo shares lessons from her recent vacation with Daniel Padilla

‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ star Kathryn Bernardo ends another unforgettable European trip with a grateful heart.



10/9/2019 11:02 AM
Kathryn Bernardo shares lessons from her recent vacation with Daniel Padilla

Photo credit: @bernardokath IG

After a well-deserved two-week vacation in Iceland, Kathryn Bernardo couldn’t help but share some of her best realizations during her time abroad. Kathryn stressed the importance of having work-life balance and the importance of always being grateful. The Hello, Love, Goodbye star also thanked Daniel Padilla for being with her on another unforgettable trip. 




Took advantage of an 8-hour layover in the City of Lights to finally see the Eiffel Tower TOGETHER. 🖇

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She wrote:

“Been working nonstop the past few months so this trip came as a much-needed break. Can't believe it went by so fast, but came home with so many great, unforgettable memories! ️ During our little adventure, here are a few things I've come to realize:

1. Cherish the little things. Sometimes, you just have to stop and live in the moment. Deej and I made sure to unplug and take time to appreciate our surroundings every once in a while. Taking photos to capture the moment is important, but nothing beats the actual experience.

2. Find a balance. Work hard, play hard(er). It's okay to reward yourself, especially if it fuels you to do better. Spoiling yourself once in a while is not a bad thing at all; it's called self-love, and you deserve it.  

3. Love mother nature. The earth is blessed with so many exceptionally beautiful places, and it's our duty to be responsible tourists whenever we travel to these precious destinations. To preserve its beauty, we have to help in our own little ways. Years from now, I'd love for my niece and the future generations to still be able to experience and witness the same magical sceneries we just saw.

4. Be grateful. This trip made me realize how lucky and truly blessed I am. So many good things have happened lately (still happening, tbh!) and I honestly couldn't ask for anything more. He has always guided me towards the right direction so I lift everything up to Him with nothing but a grateful heart.
Finally, we're ticking another destination off our bucket list! I’m glad to have experienced this with you, @supremo_dp. Thank you!”