WATCH: Regine Velasquez shows designer shoe collection

For her first vlog entry, singer Regine Velasquez gave her fans and followers a tour of her walk-in closet and an exclusive look at her extensive shoe collection.



10/8/2019 3:26 PM
WATCH: Regine Velasquez shows designer shoe collection

Ogie aren't used to showing their closet to the public, which they consider as a private space.

"We never... Hindi namin pinapakita talaga 'yung walk-in closet namin because, hindi sa ayaw namin i-share, is it's, you know, very personal. So kaya, kapag nagha-house tour, we never show the upstairs. It's always just the first floor," she said.

"But today, since special kayo, gusto kong ipakita for the very, very first time, ang aming walk-in closet," she added.

The highlight of the tour was Regine's extensive designer shoe collection, which is comprised mostly of Louis Vuitton, her favorite brand.

She also  told a story of how she was discriminated against while trying to purchase one of her most-prized pair of Louis Vuitton, which turned out to be part of the luxury brand's runway collection, in New York.

"I went to New York to find [these] particular shoes… And then when I got there, nakita ko na, nandun sa display. Sa umpisa pa lang, sinabi agad sa akin wala akong size… Sinabi talaga. Sabi ko, ‘Can I at least try them on?’ Sabi niya,  sabi ng guy, ‘Uh, no.’ Sabi talaga, ganun. Na-discriminate agad ang lola niyo, so na-depress ako ng very very light," she said.

Disappointed, Regine left and went to another store right across the street, where she let loose and bought 20 pairs of shoes.

“[Doon], meron akong nakilalang  black guy. Again, I was being discriminated. No one was making me pansin, yung lahat sila nagsusukat… Walang pumapansin sa ‘kin, until this guy came to me and then he said, ‘Do you need help?’” she said.

“Sabi ko, parang maiiyak na ‘ko, ‘Yes, I need help.’ So lahat ng tinuro ko binili ko talaga, so ang happy niya, super happy siya. Samantalang yung bwisit na ibang nandun, nagtitinginan sila kasi yung ibang nagsusukat dun, wala naman binili ‘te,” she added.

Afterwards, Regine, now carrying a couple of shopping bags, decided to go back to the Louis Vuitton store, where she was finally able to buy the pair of high heels she wanted to purchase in the first place.

“Nung marami na ‘kong bitbit, pinapasok ako sa loob ng Louis Vuitton at nabili ko siya. ‘Yan ang story ng Louis Vuitton shoes na ito,” she said.

Since it was released on Wednesday, Regine's closet tour video has been viewed for more than 600,000 times.

Currently, Regine now has more than 100,000 subscribers.