Kyline Alcantara opens up about emotional acne journey

For the first time, former child star and actress Kyline Alcantara opened up about the emotional journey she’s been on as she dealt, like any other teenager, with hormonal acne.



10/8/2019 2:28 PM
Kyline Alcantara opens up about emotional acne journey

Photo credit: @itskylinealcantara IG

Her Instagram feed might be filled with flawless photos, but actress Kyline Alcantara will be the first to admit that she is far from perfect.

For the first time, the former child star opened up about the emotional journey she's been on as she dealt, like any other teenager, with hormonal acne.

On Instagram, Kyline said that her breakouts started in March last year.



"It started with one zit, and then it became two until I can't count them anymore. Last quarter of last year, it got really [worse]--as in they spread in my both cheeks. Imagine, people are always expecting you to be at your best, to look perfect, look like the polished girl that they always see in TV and magazines, but you can't even look at yourself in the mirror," she said.

Kyline went on to admit that she received a slew of hateful comments from her bashers for "putting too much makeup."

"But what they don't know is makeup na lang 'yung kakampi ko noon. Concealers and foundations are my best friends because they cover my breakouts so I cqan come out and look more presentable. Caps and side hair are constant accessories, again, to cover my cheeks from my unwanted zits," she added.

According to Kyline, it was only after she failed on experimenting with different skin care routines that she consulted the help of a specialist.

She said, "There she told me to stop all the things na ginagawa ko with my face. She told me na less is more. She told me na factor kung bakit ako na nagkaroon ng breakouts were: puberty that affects my hormones and I have a very sensitive skin na nagrereact differently from the products that I used based dun sa mga napapanood ko n askin care routines sa YouTube."

Kyline said that she wanted to share her acne journey to remind her followers that even stars like herself have imperfections.

"Yes, even us na artista madaming imperfections kagaya niyo but as part of our job, we need to look more presentable but it doesn't mean na ganun palagi. We need the help also of our trusted glam teams to look presenntable or what you call as 'glam'," she continued.

In a separate post, Kyline assured that her followers that she has surpassed the breakout stage and that her skin is fine now.

"If I can, siyempre ikaw din!" she added.