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‘Are Artistas Ruining YouTube?’ Wil Dasovich shares thoughts about the issue

In his latest vlog, Wil Dasovich addresses the concern of a netizen who thinks celebrities are overshadowing regular content creators.


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10/8/2019 2:06 PM
‘Are Artistas Ruining YouTube?’ Wil Dasovich shares thoughts about the issue

With the massive number of celebrities entering the YouTube world, a netizen raised concern that these celebrities might be overshadowing regular content creators. This was the issue that popular YouTuber Wil Dasovich tackled in his latest vlog titled "Are Artistas Ruining YouTube?"

According to Wil, celebrities putting up their channels is actually helpful to the YouTube community. He said that this paves the way for mainstream media viewers to be present on the YouTube platform as well. 

"Once artistas becoming YouTubers I felt like it was the merging of that gap between YouTubers and professional entertainers," Wil stated.

He added that because mainstream celebrities are now also on the platform, this attracts more brands to the platform. "Ultimately artistas coming to YouTube brings more viewers on the platform and in return this brings more advertisers so everyone wins," he said. 

Wil credited Alex Gonzaga as the one who majorly introduced vlogging to the mainstream crowd. "The person who really paved the way for artistas to really start [vlogging] was Alex Gonzaga. There were really a lot who started before her but she was really who transcend her career and successfully crossover to the digital platform," he said. 

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According to Wil, Alex showed how YouTube could become a tool to be more successful. "She showed the possibilities and the outcomes of expanding out from traditional media. Even until this day, she is the only traditional artista who get this max deal types of endorsements because of her digital star power," he said.

Before his vlog concluded, Wil stressed that YouTubers are in the platform not to compete with each other but rather to work hand in hand. 

"The beauty about YouTube is it's a meritocracy. Anyone is free to join and for the most part anyone has the equal opportunity of making it plus it is a collaborative opportunity. We all help each other out," Wil said.