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Tony Labrusca reveals what he thinks of social media: ‘Masyado na nagiging evil yung world natin’

‘Ang Henerasyong Sumuko Sa Love’ actor Tony Labrusca talks about the challenges of being a millennial on and off screen.


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10/7/2019 10:52 AM
Tony Labrusca reveals what he thinks of social media: ‘Masyado na nagiging evil yung world natin’

In Ang Henerasyong Sumuko Sa Love, Tony Labrusca shared young working professionals can relate to his role as a responsible son named Kurt. 

“I think maraming tao na makaka-relate kay Kurt kasi lahat tayo affected sa high competition ng society. Lahat ng tao ngayon gusto maging boss agad. Hindi tulad ng mga magulang natin na nag-sa-start talaga sila dito sa baba. Tapos magtatrabaho, magpopromote hanggang maging boss. Ngayon everybody wants to be the boss, everybody wants to be on top. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to Kurt’s hardships and his struggle with being an overworked millennial,” he said.  

While shooting the film, Tony hopes their goal of helping people understand millennials translates well onscreen. 

“Sana yung mga taong manunood ng film, I hope it’s a broad spectrum when it comes to age, nationality, religion. Kasi tama yung sinabi ni direk. Sana halimbawa yung mga magulang, makita nila kung bakit nga ganyan yung mga millennials. Especially because we live in the Philippines, we’re a conservative country, sometimes we don’t understand why our kids are acting in a certain way. Dahil sa henerasyon naman nila hindi ganun. 

"I have a younger sister na Gen Z and hindi ko siya maintindihan, as in hindi ko gets. I don’t know how her brain works, hindi ko get bakit ganyan siya magsalita, bakit ganyan yung ugali niya. For me, I have to take time to put myself in her shoes din. So sana a lot of people are able to watch this movie so they can see a glimpse into the quote unquote millennial lifestyle, millenial life and problems that us millennials go through," he said.

With social media now playing a big part in the lives of millennials, Tony explained that he feels it is doing more harm than good with his generation. 

“Naaapektuhan ako na ang feeling ko, masyado na nagiging evil yung world natin. I think social media plays a huge part in that. The hate I see online, honestly breaks my heart kasi. Bilang open-minded na tao, I guess I do share the same sentiments as the role played by Albie (Casino) in the movie where I don’t care what my friends are into as long as they’re not hurting anybody. I just wish that people would be a little bit more understanding because everybody wants to be heard. Everybody wants to be understood but nobody wants to listen,” he added.