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Claudia Barretto opens up about mental health battle

Claudia Barretto reveals she will launch a mental health campaign soon.

Claudia Barretto opens up about mental health battle-PUSH TEAM


10/03/2019 01:03 PM
Claudia Barretto opens up about mental health battle

Claudia Barretto, who is now in college, opened up about her battle with mental health. 

“Well, it really takes sacrifice. There are things that I have to sacrifice. There are weekends I can’t go see my friends. But it’s all about balance. I try my best to be really organized and manage my time well. I’m committing myself so many things. I’m a student at first. Singer second and recently I just launched a mental health [campaign]. It’s called Mind Games. And people can follow me on social media Mind Games by Claudia,” she began as she shared how she balances her studies with her career. 

Claudia revealed why she pursued the advocacy which aims to promote mental health awareness through an online campaign. 

“Mind Games is a mental health awareness campaign. It’s online. And it’s going to be promoted through the use of art - specifically music. So we’ve been working on content that will bring together and marry the two - music and bring awareness to mental health,” she said. 

Sharing why she decided to pursue a mental health campaign, she said: “I’m just really passionate about mental health. I want to be a voice to the people who are going through their own personal mental battles. So I just want to raise awareness on that so that I reach out to those people.”

Having experienced mental health problems herself, Claudia couldn’t be more thrilled to officially release her content.

“I’ve had my own experience - which people will hear more about it when we release more content,” she said. 

Driven by her desire to help with insights backed up by research, Barretto also revealed that she shifted to Psychology from a management program.

“That’s actually recent. I shifted out of my previous course - management. Now, I’m just taking up Psychology so that I just know what I’m talking about. So that I can just give more reliable insights,” she remarked.  

“First and foremost, what’s really important is to build a community. ‘Cause I think when you’re around people who support you and understand what you’re going through, it’s very helpful in managing whatever you’re going through. So that’s why I decided to put together a community - hopefully of artists that share the same passion of raising awareness about mental health.

Asked if her family is supportive of her, she said: “Of course, they’re very involved. They’re very supportive.” 

She then went on: “They just listen to me. They’re just there for me. But more than anything, because I’m putting something like this which is  - it’s only starting to be talked about here in the country. My family has been very supportive and they’re willing to do anything to things for the project.”

According to Claudia, her mental health campaign isn’t just for those who are going through things, but also for those who want to reach out and help. 

“You know mental health is a very personal experience. Everyone goes through it differently. It’s just a different experience for everyone. For me, mental health is much broader to this order and the illnesses that come with it. So what I’m actually launching reaches farther than that. We’re hoping to target not just people with mental health illnesses but even people who just want to be a part of it and insert themselves in something that is much bigger than they are,” she said. 

Wanting to promote awareness through the use of art, specifically music, she said: “Everyone has a mental health. We all want to be mentally well. We want to achieve well-being in that area. So it’s for everyone. It’s really about bringing together a community of artists because I wanna utilize art in promoting the cause. So it’s really about bringing a community of artists to promote mental health.”

Sharing how her strong support system helped her cope up with her experience, Claudia also shared the importance of acknowledging the truth,

“Personally, it’s important to really understand. Like I said, it’s really important to have a strong support system. And a community around you that understands you - who wants you to feel better, get better. But more than that, because it’s such a personal experience, I had to manage through it by seeking help and by being honest with myself about the experience. 

Barretto also shared why it’s important to never be ashamed to seek help from professionals. 

“Yes. If you think you are at that point in your life, you shouldn’t be ashamed of seeking help. It’s really, really important. You guys will hear more about it when we launch the content,” she said. 

The 20-year-old singer, who happens to be the daughter of showbiz royalty Marjorie Barretto, is one of the performers at the inaugural Las Islas Filipinas Music Festival. 

The festival, which will hold its three-part first leg in the Visayas Islands, is happening this October 25, 26, and 27 in Bacolod, Iloilo and Aklan respectively.