WATCH: Mary Pacquiao does a house tour

In her latest vlog, Mary Pacquiao shares what's inside their family home.



10/26/2019 1:34 PM
WATCH: Mary Pacquiao does a house tour

Mary Pacquiao welcomed the netizens to their family home in her latest vlog on her YouTube channel.

"Today I will be doing a house tour. I will be showing you guys our whole house and while doing that I'll be doing a small Q and A with everyone I meet," Mary said.

The young Pacquiao first showed their rooms. She also shared a glimpse of their rooftop.

She also showed their living room, dining area and kitchen. Mary also shared that they have pets at home.

Mary also briefly interviewed her siblings and house staff in the vlog.

Her house tour vlog has already gained more than 1 million views as of this writing.

"This is actually the first time I’m getting a glimpse in Manny’s family. Michael  looks so much like his dad. And wow, your English is so good," one netizen commented.

"Bro this vlog is so cute. Never expected that Pacquiao siblings would be so cute and pleasant to watch. They're so good on camera since they speak well and act professionally," a netizen added.