Marjorie Barretto denies ‘selling’ her children to wealthy people

Marjorie Barretto says, ‘My children are not for sale.’

Marjorie Barretto denies ‘selling’ her children to wealthy people-PUSH TEAM


10/23/2019 10:58 AM
Marjorie Barretto denies ‘selling’ her children to wealthy people

Marjorie Barretto vehemently denied the rumors circulating that she is ‘selling’ her daughters to wealthy people.

In an interview with Karen Davila on TV Patrol, Marjorie said that, “There’s a big PR operation going against me [and] Nicole.” Nicole is the daughter of their brother Joaquin who also got involved in the scuffle during Miguel Barretto’s wake.

Marjorie then said that the same PR team was hired to malign her and her children. The former actress has five children: Dani, Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich.

“This was the same PR operations that was paid to destroy Julia during that scandal a few months back, a ‘love triangle’ scandal na nakisali sila Gretchen,” she said, referring to Julia being romantically linked with actor Gerald Anderson who was still in a relationship with Bea Alonzo that time.

“Talo ako sa social media, makikita mo talaga.

“I would like to address this to everybody: My children are not for sale. I don’t even have very much wealthy friends to sell my children to… My children work very, very hard. Matitino po ang mga anak ko,” she said.

Marjorie also denies being a “mistress for money.”

“I understand where this is coming from. Maybe they think the mother’s a mistress, and maybe they think she’s a mistress for money. But that’s not the truth. I’m not a mistress for money.

“Kaya libre silang babuyin ang mga anak ko. If the mom is like this, then all the daughters I like this. But no. I’m making this announcement: My children are not for sale,” she said.