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Nyoy Volante on going back to his singing career: ‘I’m trying to write again’

Sweeney Todd actor Nyoy Volante shares his love for both theater and acoustic singing.


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10/22/2019 10:33 AM
Nyoy Volante on going back to his singing career: ‘I’m trying to write again’

As part of the cast of the musical Sweeney Todd, Nyoy Volante said he is enjoying sharing the stage with Lea Salonga and Jett Pangan. “Lea is a good friend of mine also aside from us being cast mates. So even before this, kahit papaano we hung out as friends pero siyempre when someone’s in theater tapos kaibigan mo, you long for that na sana magkatrabaho kayo because you want to share that. Theater talaga is a different experience and it brings out the best in your personality. I’ve been in a lot of productions with Jett Pangan. We did Shrek, Rak of Aegis, The Rocky Horror Show, Dream Girls, marami na kaming pinagsamahan ni Jett actually,” he told PUSH

Performing on stage has been Nyoy’s first love since college where he graduated with a Technical Theater degree. “Not that I don’t enjoy my acoustic career. That’s a different animal. But in theater kasi it’s always like a different area of my life and I always cherish it. Another thing about theater is that it only happens in a certain number of days. And then it’s gone. It’s recorded but not for public consumption. We just document it so we have reference for what we did but it’s not like a performance of mine where I can find it on YouTube,” he explained.

Nyoy revealed he is slowly starting to focus on his singing career again this year. “Well I’m trying to write again because for the past few years I’ve been busy being a judge and a mentor and all those other stuff that’s not me being a singer. So I kind of said siguro after a few years baka puwede ako bumalik in writing and playing and doing my music. So that’s still not happening kasi busy pa rin. But my efforts are not going to stop. I actually have a few songs waiting to be released. I did a song that’s a duet with Kyla but I don’t know when that’s going to be released but it’s ready,” he revealed.

As one of the judges in Tawag ng Tanghalan, Nyoy said he is also enjoying mentoring young aspiring singers as well. “Honestly, being in the industry for 20 years now, there are a lot of things na gusto mo rin i-share eh. As a singer and as someone who knows the pasikot-sikot around the industry and the people who work there, there’s this desire to share it and the singing contests where you mentor and you judge, that’s a good venue to share all that,” he said.