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  • Jessy Mendiola says the non-invasive procedure called Liposonix treatment helped her more in achieving a 25-pound weight loss.

EXCLUSIVE: Jessy Mendiola goes through fat reduction treatment

Jessy Mendiola says the non-invasive procedure called Liposonix treatment helped her more in achieving a 25-pound weight loss.

EXCLUSIVE: Jessy Mendiola goes through fat reduction treatment-PUSH TEAM


10/17/2019 11:37 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Jessy Mendiola goes through fat reduction treatment

Jessy Mendiola, who has constantly been a victim of cyberbullying, opened up about how bashing motivated her to get in shape.

According to the Kapamilya actress, she lost 25 pounds in three months by working out and eating healthy.

“All the bashing affected me. Whatever other people said affected me. But it was more of a personal choice because I felt unhealthy already. I felt lethargic all the time. At that time, I have to start being active again. I feel better when I work out. I feel happy after working out. So tinuloy-tuloy ko lang siya. This all started last year lang. I lost 25 pounds in three months lang. Because of working out and eating healthy,” she told PUSH in an exclusive interview during her launch as the newest face of SkinCell aesthetics clinic.

While she isn’t against diet plans, she believes “moderation is the key” to achieving one’s desired figure.

“But don’t get me wrong ha. I don’t like kasi na pinapatay ko ‘yung sarili ko sa diet. I still give myself time. I don’t like calling it cheat days or I don’t like calling it mga cheat weeks. Because I still do it. Hindi lang siya ganun ka-often before. Kumbaga moderation is the key. Whatever you put inside your body, that’s what comes out,” she stated.

Even though a lot of people envy Jessy for having perfect skin and beautiful face, she admitted that she still has insecurities when it comes to physical appearance just like everyone else. 

“Ang dami ko pa rin insecurities sa body ko. But what can you do? Hindi ka naman pwede overnight mag-change, ‘di ba? ‘Ah gusto ko mag-improve ako isang oras lang’. It won’t happen. Maging totoo na tayo. You just have to be patient. You have to follow the right procedure. You have to know what’s good for your body, what’s right for your body type. Kasi pa’no kung hindi bagay sa body type mo? Kasi sa akin, hindi naman bagay sa akin ang maging sobrang payat. And I’ve accepted it. And you just work on whatever you have. Like work on my curves, ‘di ba? So I think ‘yun ‘yung mas importante. You know what you should do with your body. You know what you want. You should know what you want. At the end of the day, katawan mo ‘yan,” she said.

She went on: “Hindi naman pwede sabihin nila kung ano dapat itsura mo. It’s just you. Ikaw ang tatakbo, ikaw ang lahat. Ikaw ang haharap sa salamin kada umaga. At makikita mo ‘yung sarili mo masaya ka. Nakikita mo na masaya ka then you just go on with your life na ganun lang itsura mo. It doesn’t matter. Para sa akin, ‘pag nakikita ko ‘yung sarili ko na fit ako, pagising ko ng umaga energized ako, masaya ako. Pero kung ‘di ka naman masaya, eh ‘di ‘wag mo na lang ituloy.” 

Apart from living a healthy lifestyle, Mendiola admitted that she went through “a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment” called Liposonix to get rid of her unwanted fats. 

Sharing how the procedure went, she said: “During my first session with the liposonix, ano siya - non-invasive machine. Ang ginagawa niya ‘yung fat cells mo, ‘yung fat pockets mo sa katawan, ‘yun ‘yung tinatarget niya. So it’s per square tapos magkakaroon ng passes. Paulit-ulit mo siyang gagawin in one session. Kunwari ako problem area ko arms ko. Gagawin ‘yun ng paulit-ulit tapos ‘yung result niya makikita mo siya over time. Kumbaga after three months makikita mo, bigla na lang mawawala ‘yung unwanted fats mo sa body. And I’m a fan of non-invasive treatments kasi takot ako sa injections. Takot ako sa operations. Feeling ko ‘pag sa mga taong tulad ko, perfect ‘yun para sa akin. Liposonix.”

Apart from the Liposonix treatment, she also had milia extraction and a treatment called Lasergen to help her have smoother skin and tighter pores.

“Sa face ko naman, they did extraction kasi marami akong milia and whiteheads because of the makeup. And after long hours sa work siyempre ‘yung makeup mo pumapasok sa skin. So ‘yun. Meron ding Lasergen. Well, laser siya na nagpi-peel and nag-coclose ng pores mo,” she said. 

While a single session worked wonders for her, the Sandugo star said one should avail the treatment to see better results. 

“You can’t stop in one session. You have to do it not really naman that often. You know, ‘yung tama lang. Kung ano ‘yung goals mo. Like for me, I did one session ng Liposonix. Tapos after three months, I’ll do it again. It’s more of like that. You should know how often you should do these things. Kasi ‘pag na-overdo mo naman, baka mawalan ka naman ng bisa or ‘di na as effective,” she stated.

Asked if she’s feeling more inspired with Luis Manzano by her side, she said: “Sobra. Sobrang inspired ako. ‘Pag tinatamad akong mag workout, siya ‘yung humihila sa akin na no you have to do this.”

She added: “Siya ‘yung motivator ko, siya ‘yung trainor ko. Siya na lahat. Minsan he trains me. ‘Pag nakikita niyang lukewarm ako, tinutulungan niya ako. He was really the one who started it all.”