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Did Aga Muhlach court Alice Dixson before?

Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson are set to star in the upcoming psycho-thriller film called ‘Nuuk.’

Did Aga Muhlach court Alice Dixson before?-PUSH TEAM


10/16/2019 06:02 PM
Did Aga Muhlach court Alice Dixson before?

Veteran actors Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson team up for the upcoming psycho-thriller movie titled Nuuk

Set in the ice cold city of Nuuk, Greenland, the two meets and falls in love. However, a mystery is set to rattle the relationship, as it appears that only Alice’s character Elaisa could recognize Aga’s character Mark. 

Para sa akin, it’s simple. It’s a really beautiful movie. Well-told story with a lot of twists in the end, and Aga and I don’t make ugly movies,” Alice laughingly told members of the press at the media con’s sidelines when asked why people should watch their upcoming movie. 

Likewise, Aga took pride with the kind of story that they are offering. “We made sure naman even as early as two years ago when this movie was offered sa amin, maganda na talaga story niya. Meaning, buong-buo na ‘yung script namin ‘nung ginawa namin ‘to so it was really easy for us and hindi kami naguluhan while filming na naiba ang istorya… We’ve always been consistent with our story and if you see sa trailer, makikita niyo naman.” 

Speaking of, he also liked how the viewers are forming theories on what the movie is about, based on the trailer. “So it’s nice also that people [get] kind of confused a bit kasi lahat sila nag-iimbento na ng storya. Buong akala nila ito mangyayari, ito mangyayari, which is nagwowork ‘yung plano namin gawin talaga.”    

During their media conference held at the Discovery Suites Ortigas, Aga spoke about how he enjoyed working for the movie, acknowledging the fact that they shot it abroad, specifically in Greenland where they stayed in for a month. Likewise, he and Alice also bonded during the shoot. Alice narrated, “In between takes, pampatanggal antok. Pangpasaya. Hinahamon ko siya ilabas ang kanyang bagets moves. May pagganon kami.” These fun behind-the-scenes moments, she said, will be featured on her YouTube channel soon. 

Although the two have worked together in projects before, they were not really close, which is why, for Aga, it felt like it was his first time to work with Alice.  

He said, “Who would have thought na I’ll be working with Alice again? Actually, this is like my first time [to work] with her, parang gano’n ‘yung feeling. Although magkakabatch kami… And we have common friends, marami kaming istorya. And then ngayon na lang ulit kami nagkasama so kung ano man ‘yung mga noon, at least naayos namin, napagkwentuhan namin, napag-usapan namin ‘yun.” 

When asked if he courted Alice before as there were alleged rumors then, the matinee idol said, “Parang wala naman, hindi naman ligaw eh. Kasi parang lahat naman sa’kin dati eh, di ba. Normal naman siguro, hindi naman sa chick boy ka pero lahat ng lalaki, gusto babae. Parang ‘pag may nakasama ka, ang ganda nito, nagagandahan ka, poporma ka ng konti,” to which Alice said, “Mutual admiration.” 

Parang gano’n, nagagandahan ka, parang pa’no ba ako manliligaw? Parang gano’n pero wala naman. Bwisit nga siya sa’kin noon eh. Galit pala siya sa’kin noon, ang tingin niya raw sa’kin no’n, mayabang,” he laughingly recalled. 

Alice, for her part, said that they just laugh about it now. “Oo naman, wala naman ano yun, parang dati we were all going through a lot like sabi ko nga, rebel days ko ‘yun… mga lost days ko in the industry that people do not remember or people don’t even know but I had those times [during the late 80s],” Aga admitted.  

Today, both actors are happily settled with their respective lives. Aga is married to former beauty queen and actress Charlene Gonzales with two kids while Alice is married to a non-showbiz person. 

Produced by Viva Films and OctoArts Films, Nuuk is set to hit cinemas on November 6.