Lucky Pinay fan gets to eat Kimbap made by Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi himself made the Kimbap with his bare hands.

Lucky Pinay fan gets to eat Kimbap made by Lee Seung Gi-PUSH TEAM


10/14/2019 08:16 AM
Lucky Pinay fan gets to eat Kimbap made by Lee Seung Gi

Uwian na, may nanalo na! 

Lee Seung Gi’s first-ever fan meeting in the Philippines, dubbed Vagabond Voyage, was definitely a night to remember. 



Seung Gi’s fans, a mix of teenage girls to middle-aged women from the different parts of the country, flocked to the New Frontier Theater on Saturday, October 12. 

Known as South Korea’s "Ballad Prince," Lee Seung Gi did not disappoint his fans (or PH Airens) throughout the entire show. Proving he is a "triple threat," he sang, danced, and gamely answered all the questions thrown at him. 

He also made a Kimbap or traditional Korean rice roll as part of the challenges given to him. As per the request of his fans, Seung Gi made the Kimbap with his bare hands.

Although he was hesitant at first due to hygiene concerns, fans successfully persuaded him and eventually granted their request. 

A lucky Pinay fan, who went to see him twice in Singapore and once in South Korea after getting discharged from the military, got to take home the Kimbap. Plus, the fan, who identified herself as Haya, got to taste it with no less than Seung Gi feeding him.  

See the photo of the fan, who also got a polaroid photo souvenir with Seung Gi, below:



Sharing how ecstatic he was to have been able to perform for his fans, he said towards the end of the show: “I think I'm the most happy when I'm singing for you.” 

Lee Seung Gi is best known to the younger generation of K-Drama fans as the actor in the Netflix series Vagabond. 

To older Hallyu fans, he is also known for his roles in “Shining Inheritance," "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho," "The King 2 Hearts," "Gu Family Book,” and "A Korean Odyssey.”

Also a singer, Seung Gi’s popular hits include “Return,” “Will You Marry Me,” “Because You’re My Woman,” and “Losing My Mind,” among others. 

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It was in 2004 when Lee Seung Gi debuted as an actor.